Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spinach and healthy substitutes

Piyaya?  Haha, no!  These are the spinach tortillas I made the other day.  They look uneven and lumpy in some areas because I didn't use a rolling pin :D  But it doesn't matter because I was pretty pleased at how these turned out.  They were yummy and went perfectly with the lentil soup that I made.  I followed the recipe at Tammy's blog but made some changes.  Instead of using just flour, I added a cup of ground oats for more fiber.
Scrambled eggs?
Speaking of changes, I attended this really cool cooking seminar at The Maya Kitchen this afternoon.  They taught us how to make a healthier version of "scrambled eggs" and "mayonnaise" using tofu!  I'm definitely taking healthy eating for weight loss seriously!
I'll be sharing those recipes in my next post :)


  1. they look like another version of piyaya. lol!

  2. Looking forward for that soyanaise post :)

  3. I love soy mayo! It's so expensive here, so I'm really looking forward to that recipe! :D



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