Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 things for 2012

Do you have goals this year?  I don't usually list things down since I think I am more of an anything goes type of person :D  But for a change I thought it would be nice to have it in writing.  This way I can stay on track and work on the things that I want to experience and accomplish this 2012.

1. Cook better food.
I love to cook, but I think I should make extra effort in improving my menu.  I recently purchased Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Everyday cookbook.  I've been following her blog for quite awhile now and I think having the actual cookbook will motivate me to follow a more natural path in cooking.  Less processed food and frying :)
Awesome recipes and great photos too!
2. Create more artworks - preferably non computer generated :)

3. Go to the beach at least 3 times - we already have 1 trip planned so 2 more to go

4. Move in our condo.  This really depends on the developer but we are praying that the punch listing and the renovations will be finished soon.

5. Ride a helicopter.  Not sure when and how yet :)

6. Have a complete body check up

7. Take better care of my cats by being diligent with vet appointment and shots.  Regular ear cleaning and nail clipping.  De worming should be done every 2 months quarterly. 

8. Explore Cambodia with Erman - trip has been booked!  So excited :)

9. See and touch real snow - again not sure when and how

10. Get a US, UK and a Schengen visa - No immediate plans on visiting these areas but it would be really nice to have them so we can make plans.  Also nice to dream :D  Paws crossed that I get approved to all!

11. Visit the Myth of the Human Body exhibit - They extended the show yet again and this time we should finally visit it!

12. Win something major in a contest - you all know how much I love to join contests :D  Hope to win something big this year.


  1. I didn't realize that you had to de-worm that often! Gaaak! Do you de-worm them on your own na or do you go to the vet for it?

    Good luck with your list, I hope you get to do them all!

  2. Hi Dea! Whoops, I meant every quarter :D I always go to the vet kasi sabay na check up and sometimes grooming but I think pwede naman bilhin yung pills. There is a weight and dosage ratio lang nga so I guess you have to consult with the vet first :) Btw, last year 2 times lang na de worm sila Nugget :D

    1. According to my cats' vets in VIP, if they are indoor kitties, every 6 mos. is okay. For anti-rabies shots, every 3 years is good if they are not exposed to the dangers of getting bitten by a rabid animal. We definitely don't want to over-vaccinate our kitties! :)

    2. Thanks for that info Jonna :) I was told kasi in my vet na quarterly but yes, I did think na hindi naman super threat because my boys are in door all the time :D

  3. you have a great list and i hope you get to do them all. i'm planning to go to cambodia at the end of this year. it's still in the planning stage pero i'm not sure how can we do it. long flight kasi from here to cambodia. hopefully, i can make it work.

    1. Good luck on your planning for your Cambodia trip :) Will you be dropping by Manila after? :)

  4. I like everything on your list, I hope you achieve all of them this year!

  5. Hi kat, about the helicopter. The AFP sometimes hold photo contests and the price is usually a free helicopter ride. I just don't know when the next contest is. :)

    1. Wow! It would be great if I'd win that! That's 2 off my list if ever :P LOL. Wishful thinking :) Thanks, Al!



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