Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things that make me happy

 Just another random list of things that make me happy :)
Cat pillow!  Yes, it is missing a whisker :D  But I am so glad I was able to bring this kitty home from the vintage fair in Escolta.
alien looking character necklace, dino magnets and a funny cat sticker
My vintage market loot!  I feel happy that I was able to support some of the local crafters and artists. I wish that they will have a website featuring all the artists soon.
it's alive!
Are you afraid of creepy crawlies? I found this green worm inside a head of lettuce that has been chilling in my refrigerator for days.  I was very surprised to see that it was still alive!  I sort of felt guilty just tossing it in the trash so it lived here for a week (in a bowl filled with veggie clippings).  We eventually released it outside when we went to the park.  Not sure if it will survive but I guess it is good that he did not end up in the trash bin.
Funny ads
I saw this funny looking ad at the mall.  Do you notice the gray kitten? :D
It's the cutest :D


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