Monday, November 29, 2010

My Baby Seal

I took a lot of photos of Kumo the other day
hello baby white
He's such an active kitty!  Running around, jumping on tables and constantly bugging Nuggie.
kumo cleaning
while reviewing the shots, I noticed something really cute.  Do you see it?
is that a seal?
Yes, I'm talking about Nugget!  Doesn't he look like a seal in this photo? :)
totally looks like :)
Hahahaha!  What a big cutie :)

I die now!

This video is too cute for words!  Waah!  10 fluffy kittens =^.^=

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amorita is Love

I have been thinking about going to the beach a lot these days.  Work has been really hectic and our wedding planning is getting more complicated as the date grows closer.  There is also Christmas shopping and of course holiday traffic!  These are the times when I wish I could go on a trip and just detach myself from all the chaos.  It would be really great if I could go to a nice sunny place like Bohol and just relax.  Actually, Erman and I were supposed to go to Bohol this year but we had to cancel because of work :( Boo! 
It would have been really cool to be back here at Amorita in Panglao island.
sunbathing place
And just sit down on one of the lounge chairs and just relax.  No computers, e-mails, text massages and phone calls :)
Or just stay in bed and watch TV.  
Btw, this photo was taken from because my room shots were blurred :(
private jacuzzi
You can also take a dip in your private jacuzzi
breakfast spread
Lovely spread to greet the day
best champorado ever
where I had the best champorado I've ever tasted!
You can also make your own omelet and order Filipino favorites like Daing na bangus or Chicken Adobo 
suman with peanut kisses!
and if you still have space for dessert there is suman topped with Bohol's famous peanut kisses :)  Yum!  I really hope we can go back soon.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friendly Friday

I am so happy that the cats are finally getting along.  Sure there are times when the dusty old cat gets annoyed with little white's energy and playfulness but so far things are going great.
I snapped this photo of them being all cuddly last night!
sleeping cuties
I don't know why but the cats LOVE sleeping in front of my computer when I am working at night.  It's probably the warmth from the machine but I'd like to think that it's because they want to be close to me  :)  It used to be just Nugget but now Kumo has joined in.  Seriously, how can I concentrate when there are two cuties in front of me? :)
finally friends
Kumo is still so small but I know he will catch up to Nuggie in a few years.
sleeping babies
Isn't this is the cutest! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nugget!

 This just in...
Nugget is 9!
My one and only orange baby is 9 today!
happy 9th!
Happy Birthday, Nuggie!  You are loved :)

PS- generate your own newspaper heading here :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome home, Kumo

After a long deliberation and many name suggestions, we've they've finally decided to name baby white, "Kumo".  Kumo means cloud (or spider) in Japanese.  Yes, it's a very fitting name for baby white but I think I will still call him Nougat, Chicken or Cloud when nobody is looking :D
making a home for Kumo
My little sister and her friend made a box house for him
but it was too small so they had to add another box to complete the house.  Isn't this the cutest?
new kitten
I think he likes it :)  Although now the smaller box is in shreds!  Kumo is super playful (and destructive)
and thankfully things between him and Nugget are starting to work out.  No hugs yet but there is noticeably less hissing and growls. Yay!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Assumption Cookbook favorites

November is extra special in our home because this month we have 3 birthday celebrants.  My brother's birthday is on the 17th, my mom on the 19th, and Nugget on the 25th!  To celebrate we decided to have Sunday lunch at Cafe Jeepney in Intercon.  Actually, I sort of persuaded the family to eat here because I knew that they were serving Assumption Cookbook favorites :)
My older sister and I both studied in Assumption - Kinder to 4th year High School!  I guess they would have given us a loyalty award had we stayed on until College :)
Yummy buffet spread.  No dieting allowed on Sundays :)
A lot of international dishes such as Vietnamese spring rolls, chili crab, Greek salad and many more were included in the spread.
My favorite dish in the buffet was Jansson's Temptation: Anchovy Potato Casserole!  I've never encountered a potato casserole with anchovy in it.  I was a bit hesitant since I imagined that it would taste "fishy" but I was wrong since this dish was really good :)
My plate :D  Pizza, 2 kinds of salad and the best anchovy potato casserole! Yum!
But the highlight of our meal (well, maybe for me and my sister) was dessert... particularly, the Assumption tarts!  I just wished that they retained the "pizza" shape instead of cutting the crust into cute flower shapes :)

After our lunch we went to the mall and found ourselves in a music store!  I'm not really musical but we checked out the bass guitar bridge at musician's friend.  Maybe someday I will take lessons :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not happy

We tried to introduce the white kitty to Nugget yesterday but as you can see in the photo things are still a bit problematic.  I know it will take days/weeks or even months for peace to be restored so we are not pressuring the cats.
Not happy
In the mean time, little kitten has taken over Nugget's couch!  Can you see him?
where is Kumo?
Look closer
there he is!
Oh there you are :)
Big orange cat is still a bit angry and has set up camp on my messy work desk.  I've never seen him climb this table on his own so I'm guessing that he's really upset.  Poor baby :(

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New kitty in the house

Lazy Saturdays are for taking top view photos of Nuggie
We were still having our photo session when my mom walked in with a very precious package
who is that?
"Who's that?"  "Is that meowing I hear?"
what is that sound
"I want to see!"
new kitten
It's a tiny white fur ball!  We still haven't named him :)  Hopefully, white kitty and Nugget will get along well.
somebody looks jealous!
Don't worry Nuggie pie!  You'll always be my big baby :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baguio cats

I missed Nugget so much during our weekend in Baguio that I spent a lot of time looking for cats.  Well actually I am ALWAYS on the look out for cats!  Yes, I know... I'm totally cat crazy.  Anyway, here are a few photos of the cuties I spotted up north.
White kitty busy sneaking around Tam-Awan Village
Found 2 of his furry friends nearby.  They all look like strays but I think some folks take time to feed them since I saw food bowls under the hut :)
This friendly tortoiseshell kitty was enjoying the cool air at Minesview park
So many cute cats but I'm glad to be home to this dusty old cat!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is this orange cat?

It has been a week since we removed Nugget's collar.  We took it off when we bathed him and decided to keep it off for a while.  We realized that we needed to get a bigger one since the collar suddenly looks so small.  Is that weird or what?  Maybe Nugget swelled a bit when we submerged him in water! haha :)
protect this cat
Please protect this orange cat because we love him to bits <3
who is this orange cat?
Nugget seems a bit different now that he doesn't have his collar on.  Our neighbor even commented on how different Nugget looked.  Crazy but true!
curious nug
We are now wondering who this curious Orange stranger is. Hahaha!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congratulations, Manny!

Congratulations to our very own Manny Pacquiao for winning his 8th world title last Nov 13, 2010!  Manny fever has hit us again so I wasn't surprised to see this ad as I logged on to my Yahoo mail.  And yes, that's Nugget's pic in the corner as my security id :)
manny in Yahoo mail
Also spotted this Manny Pacquiao artwork when we visited the BenCab museum last Saturday
Manny Pacquiao Artwork
The PacMan Headlines
by Jordan Mang-Osan
Pyrography and Solar drawing on Marine Plywood
200x200 cm

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Saturday

For us, Saturday mornings in Baguio mean only one thing
yummy breakfast at out fave spot, The Cafe at the Ruins.  We noticed that they changed the layout of the restaurant but I'm glad that the homey and cozy feel is still there.
I had the mushroom omelet set breakfast (p220).  The meal comes with brewed coffee and a fruit cup
Erman had pandesal (p80) and a cup of Ruins coffee (p80)
Our friend weng had ginger tea which was served in this heavy cast iron kettle!  I want a kettle like this one too!
After our breakfast we bought a few items at the organic market.  I really love Saturdays in Baguio!


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