Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who is this orange cat?

It has been a week since we removed Nugget's collar.  We took it off when we bathed him and decided to keep it off for a while.  We realized that we needed to get a bigger one since the collar suddenly looks so small.  Is that weird or what?  Maybe Nugget swelled a bit when we submerged him in water! haha :)
protect this cat
Please protect this orange cat because we love him to bits <3
who is this orange cat?
Nugget seems a bit different now that he doesn't have his collar on.  Our neighbor even commented on how different Nugget looked.  Crazy but true!
curious nug
We are now wondering who this curious Orange stranger is. Hahaha!


  1. cute... your cat is so big. I wish I can overcome my fear of cats..

  2. I don't like to put collar to my cats and prefer cats without collars. But this is only my opinion.


  3. I think the natural orange is purrfect!

  4. Aw, we think Nugget is beautiful! He looks great with or without his collar. :)

  5. is nugget pregnant? anlaki nya! =)

  6. Hey where'd you get the cat angel? I want one! I think I badly need it for Qish, most especially :)

  7. @Chyng - Nugget is a boy :D

    @Jonna - got the charm at Ace Hardware in Galleria last year. I hope they still have it in stock. I'm sure it will look cute on Qish's collar :)

  8. nugget is sooooo cute i want to hug him. hmmm if i have a cat too i'll put a pink collar hhahaha

  9. hmm we had the same reaction when we took off my dog's collar, he did look much more different, and he seems more at ease without it.

    sucha fluffy kitty, btw :)



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