Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update on Joseph Candare Case

I received this message regarding the Joseph Candare case in my e-mail this afternoon.  For those of you who are not aware, Joseph Candare was seen stomping a kitten to death in his school last year.  He later bragged about this heinous act on his blog.  The case was escalated to the school tribunal but was dismissed.  The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) then forwarded the case to Metro Trial Court and this decision was reached:

"Dear Animal Advocates,
If you happen to see JOSEPH CARLO CANDARE (picture below), anywhere, please have him arrested by the police. If you are aware of his whereabouts, please inform PAWS through philpaws@yahoo.com.
An Order Notice from Metro Trial Court NCJR Branch XL 40- Quezon City states that a warrant of arrest has been issued for Candare with a bail of P4000. The Order was signed by presiding judge J.N. Asis. 
Last known whereabouts: UP College of Science - Candare is a Physics student.

PAWS' case versus Candare is now Criminal Case No. 00859. He is charged with violation of the Animal Welfare Act for stomping a kitten to death before horrified witnesses in front of the NIP Building in UP last April 2009." - from Paws blog
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  1. Hey thanks for the update on this. Even after a year, i still feel bad about what he did. And he's horribly ugly too by the way.

    I want to clarify though, so the UP tribunal just shook him off, but the PAWS VS Candares case flew right? So he's already punished or put to jail or something?

    Any elaborations on that would be nice. Thanks dear!

    And cute orange kitty you got! : D

  2. @phoenixfour - yes, sadly the UP tribunal decided that what Joseph did was NOT a misconduct. The QC trial court however found him guilty. It is now criminal case and he can be arrested anytime.

    Btw, thanks for noticing my Nugget :)

  3. i'm so going to UP and calling 117 when i see him



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