Thursday, March 28, 2013


My mother-in-law freaked out when she saw that I bought one singkamas for p45.50 at the grocery.  She said it was crazy expensive since I could get a whole bag for that price at the market.  Yes, it is really cheaper there but I seriously think I got a good deal on this.  I think she was so focused on the price of 1 singkamas that she forgot to notice that this one is a GIANT weighing at 1.3 kilos!
It's really huge!  I'm not sure if it looks big in the photos so I placed it beside random objects for size reference :D
Here it is beside my phone.  
 and beside condiments!
 See!  it is even bigger than the tabasco bottle!  and wider than the ketchup bottle!
 It reminds me of this one HUGE carrot that I saw in the grocery a couple months back.  I didn't buy the carrot though since it already had some soft spots on the top.
I'm also reminded of this orange giant we have :P  Here he is beside a 1.5 liter bottle of coke.  Hahaha!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Things that make me happy

It's another Friday!  3 days to go 'till Meow day! Woot.  I'm so excited!  Tomorrow I am having an early celebration with my family at home and I am making a salmon cake :D  Salmon cake?  I know it sounds weird but I'll tell you more about it soon :D

Anyway, here is another random list (and photos) of the things that make me happy. March has been really awesome to meow.  I feel a bit sad that my favorite month is almost over.
 Spotting weird and funny things.  Do you see it? 
 Yes, it's a shoe!  Not sure what it is doing on the roof :D
 My Greenies addicts! 
 Leeroy New's artwork invading an overpass in Makati!
 Different kinds of cherry tomatoes

 Trying Juju cleanse... I loved it!  Wish I can do a cleanse more often.
 Making a diaper cake for my nephew to be.  Added a cute Lion book too!  Maybe next time I will add some catches and safety hooks to secure the doors and cabinets in my nephew's room.
Lucky days.  I won tickets to see a movie and won a phone in the raffle!  Double win :D  Hope we will all have many lucky days ahead.  Happy weekend folks!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catnip addict

 Do your cats like catnip?  Nugget seems unaffected but Kumo LOVES it!
 He always gets really excited when I hold the container since he knows what's inside :)  
A few weeks ago we heard loud crash outside.  It turns out that Kumo climbed on top of the cabinet and knocked out the catnip tub (along with a few things like our plates and a heavy book on Mitchell Guitars!). 
We found the whole tub empty and Kumo rolling endlessly on the spilled catnip!  It was so wild!  I'm not sure if cats overdose on the stuff but i guess it will be a long time until our white baby gets to try it again since we had to sweep the floor and throw everything to calm him down.  I just hope that he doesn't find the silver vine powder I have stashed in the cabinet :P      

Instagram pics for the week

 my two loves :)
 Juju cleanse!
 diaper cake for my nephew to be :)
 colorful lunch at home
a round Nuggie :)

Wedding cigars

I found a box of our wedding cigars while cleaning yesterday.  I'm not sure if these things have gone stale...  I mean they have been sitting in a box under the bed for almost 2 years.  But I guess it doesn't really matter if they have since I don't plans of smoking them ever :P  Actually, I don't smoke and I have no desire to try.
Erman on the other hand has a once a week habit.  He even has a small collection of romeo y julieta cigars.  I think it's a bit funny since I don't know anybody else who smokes cigars.  I always thought it was reserved for serious old men like presidents and grandfathers.   Haha!  


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