Monday, March 31, 2014

Watch Ancient Aliens #TheWayYouWantIt

I have a slight obsession with aliens (next to cats, of course).  I have numerous books, toys, videos and even a laminated alien ID that I carry in my wallet.  
Yes, this is me dressed up as an alien way back in 2002!
Ancient Aliens is my favorite show on TV right now and I am so happy that I get to watch it on on Sky Cable's History Channel.  In fact, I even hosted an Ancient Aliens viewing party at my home!
complete with Alien approved food!
UFO and alien hunters ID
Happy Ancient Aliens fans :D

This party would not have been possible without Sky Cable's History Channel!  We had so much fun watching and hearing all about the ancient astronauts and also seeing Giorgio Tsoukalos' crazy hair :D

SKYcable gives you a world of limitless possibilities with its widest selection of channels and different ways to enjoy it.

Sky Cable is awesome because YOU get to choose the way you watch TV.  You get to pick the channels and the packs that you want to add to your basic plan.  In my case, History channel is a must :D  They also have the most number of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) channels.  I don't have iRecord yet but it would be great to be able to record all the episodes of Ancient Aliens!  That will even make our next Ancient Aliens viewing party better since we will be able to watch multiple episodes in one day!  Aside from great TV, Sky Cable also gives its subscribers access to special shows and events through SKYcable-Pay-Per-View and Free View.  Hopefully they will feature live interviews with Eric Von Daniken and the other Ancient Astronaut theorists soon! For more details on Sky Cable you can check out their website 

Or watch the youtube clip below :D 


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