Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cat Welfare Society

I always look at the cat adoption ads every time I am in the grocery. I really wish I could bring a couple of them home but unfortunately pets are not allowed in the place where I am staying. boo! Anyway, I found this great site while doing cat research the other day (yes, I know I'm obsessed!) It's a Cat Welfare Society based here in Singapore. I think I'll sign up as a volunteer :)

visit the Cat Welfare Society page

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas at the Fountain

The fountain of Wealth in Suntec City is the world's biggest fountain! It is a gigantic bronze ring supported by 4 robot like legs. The first time I saw the structure I was almost waiting for it to transform and walk away :) In the morning you can go inside the inner ring to participate in a good luck ritual. All you have to do is go around the mini fountain three times with your right hand touching the water. Oh, don't forget to think of your wish while doing so :)

My friend and I didn't get to wish in the inner ring yesterday since they were busy installing the lights on the main ring so we decided to make our own ritual instead. We walked around the outer circle 3 times (yes, with our right hand extended) while thinking of our wishes. I think we looked a bit silly since the crew kept looking at us! A few hours after we were lucky enough to witness the fountain show with the Christmas lights installed. Merry Christmas Suntec city!
Don't forget to drop by the fountain for the show!

Read on my old post about the fountain here: fountain of wealth

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tako Pochi Takoyaki!

I tried the Tako Pochi takoyaki stall over at Takashimaya mall this afternoon. Yummy!!! The takoyaki balls come is 3 variants: octopus, prawn and ham&cheese (the last flavor seems a bit odd though!). I was pleasantly surprised to find more "meat" inside because the takoyaki I had back home had so much vegetable extenders in them and no octupus or shrimp. And the best part is that each order is generously topped with mayo and fish shavings! I will definitely be back for more :)

Takoyaki balls, SG$2.30 for 3 pieces

Adding the squidReady to eat

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday Grill

I had a nice grilled lunch with my friends over at College Green yesterday. The boys prepared a lot of food which included chicken, pork barbecue, steak, pink tilapia and a lot of veggies. Yummy! Pass the rice please :) my College Green friends :)Grilling the food! The garlic was so goodgrilled zucchinialmost done!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meals for one

Singapore hawker food is great yet sometimes I wish I can have a nice home cooked Filipino meal... maybe chicken adobo, sinigang na hipon or daing na bangus! Although I cook most of my meals here nothing tastes the same as the food we prepare back home. The condiments are a bit different too. I bought a bottle of soy sauce the other day and was surprised that it tasted sweet!

Anyway, here are a few of my hawker and other store bought meals when I am too lazy to cook.
Chicken Rice (SG$3)
all hawker centers have this staple! The meal consists of either white or roasted chicken, flavored rice and a few slices of cucumbersNasi Lemak- prawn sambal version (SG$3.50)
prawns, cucumbers, fried egg, fish cake and a mix of peanuts and dilis on the sideAssorted maki from the grocery (SG$4)Pad Thai (sg$6)
from a Thai resto in the city

Thursday, November 20, 2008

D' Original Osang's Homemade Pastries

Ever since I read about Marketman's post on Osang's broas a few months ago I have been very curious about it. It seems that the quaint bakeshop in Baclayon, Bohol has been around for decades making yummy broas, pastel and assorted cookies. During my first trip to Bohol, Osang's was not even mentioned by our tour guide but instead we were directed to more commercial pasalubong shops that had boxes and boxes of the famous peanut kisses. On our second trip to Bohol I was really glad that a trip to Osang's was in the itinerary.

The bakeshop is in a small house located a few blocks away from the Baclayon church. There is a small sign outside the house which says: D' Original Osang's Homemade Pastries. D' Original, huh? haha. I wonder if they are connected to the famous D' Original Buko pie in Laguna (I'm kidding, okay). Anyway, I was really amazed at the kitchen over at Osang's! Everything is done the old fashioned way. The products are all handmade and then baked in a pugon oven. Though Osang's is famous for their broas, I ended up buying a bag of yema filled Pastels instead. Yummy :)Fresh eggs, peanuts and cookies on the tableglazing the cookies with eggTime to bakeCooling on a wire mesh rackPastels at p8 eachYummy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I miss my boys...

Just to be clear, when i say "my boys" I am talking about our three cats (Nugget, Kirby and Green). Nugget is a ginger colored cat and is the oldest and heaviest in the bunch. The last time we weighed him he was 21 pounds!
Kirby is a black Persian who loves to hang out on the terrace. He is very friendly to humans but turns into a monster when dealing with other cats. Green has gray and white fur and is the newest addition to the family. According to my mom he occasionally rides the elevator from the 7th to the 1st floor! Pretty cool, huh? :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello Meow!

I was greeted by this huge black cat when i visited my friends a few weeks back. I approached my friend and told him, "I didn't know na may pusa pala kayo!" And then he replied, "Wala kaya, ngayon ko lang nakita yan!" Haha! I guess it was a lucky day for me then because I always think that seeing a cat is a good sign.

The other day i went to Ikea to buy a chair for my room. I had my mind set on getting a Herman (the model's name) chair which costs $19. Actually, I found it pretty cheap for a nice sturdy chair. When i was going down to the checkout counter I spotted a tri colored cat inside the store! Weird but true. Unfortunately I didnt have a camera on me that time but that unusual sighting was enough to make my day :) And true enough a bit of good luck was bestowed on me because I found a very similar but cheaper chair! I ended up carting a Jeff ($9.95!) home. haha! I know that there is no connection between the cat and the chair but for a cat freak like me it makes perfect sense! =^.^=

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breakfast Club at College Green

I didn't expect that watching the US elections on tv would be this exciting! It was a bit surreal considering that I was in a room filled with people from all over the world and that we were all watching the results on CNN as if it was a big basketball game. And to make the viewing more special, we had a mini breakfast party too! the breakfast clubhappy geeks
cheese on toastpotatoes and omeletstuffed sausage with bacon *yikes!*


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