Thursday, November 20, 2008

D' Original Osang's Homemade Pastries

Ever since I read about Marketman's post on Osang's broas a few months ago I have been very curious about it. It seems that the quaint bakeshop in Baclayon, Bohol has been around for decades making yummy broas, pastel and assorted cookies. During my first trip to Bohol, Osang's was not even mentioned by our tour guide but instead we were directed to more commercial pasalubong shops that had boxes and boxes of the famous peanut kisses. On our second trip to Bohol I was really glad that a trip to Osang's was in the itinerary.

The bakeshop is in a small house located a few blocks away from the Baclayon church. There is a small sign outside the house which says: D' Original Osang's Homemade Pastries. D' Original, huh? haha. I wonder if they are connected to the famous D' Original Buko pie in Laguna (I'm kidding, okay). Anyway, I was really amazed at the kitchen over at Osang's! Everything is done the old fashioned way. The products are all handmade and then baked in a pugon oven. Though Osang's is famous for their broas, I ended up buying a bag of yema filled Pastels instead. Yummy :)Fresh eggs, peanuts and cookies on the tableglazing the cookies with eggTime to bakeCooling on a wire mesh rackPastels at p8 eachYummy!

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