Friday, April 29, 2011

Let the cat out

I received a very interesting package today!
kumo tail
It was a brown paper bag with a white tail sticking out.
Oh!  It's you, baby Kumo!  What are you doing inside the bag?
cat in bag
I see you!
Time to go out :) 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Too sleepy to care

I wonder how weird it must be to have someones feet on your face while you sleep!
too sleepy
Sleepy Kumo does not seem to care at all :D
feet on face
Maybe Nuggie's foot has a soothing smell!
TKO!  Happy Weekend folks!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleepy time

Just look at these lazy logs!
lazy logs
Sleeping the day away.
They're almost the same size - lengthwise of course :)  I don't think Kumo will have Nugget's jelly belly figure in the future.
i has a pillow!
But Nuggie's pleasantly plump figure has a purpose!  He's Kumo's pillow :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebratory cigars

We'll have a reason to light these up soon!
celebratory cigar
Well, not for me since I don't smoke but for Erman and the other guests.
yay :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Week Challenge

Hello!  Welcome to my bodega room :D  Isn't it cozy? Hehe!
my bodega
And since I'm just staying home this Friday I figured that it's about time that I tidy up!
my bodega
Kumo loves hiding in these boxes...
my bodega
but all these things will be neatly packed by Easter.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I keep my focus.  Wheee! Wish me luck.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Currently Craving for...

Double fried chicken!  Yes, deadly and calorific but so yummy :)
Bon Chon
Have you tried Bon Chon Chicken wings?
Bon Chon
It's so good that I didn't mind waiting for almost an hour to get my order.
perfect fried chicken
Aside from Bon Chon, there is also Chicken Charlie's.  Same yummy taste and more value for money (in my opinion) but their branches are a bit out of the way for me :(
Chicken Charlie
The chicken is surprisingly not greasy despite being double fried!
Chicken Charlie
We love you Chicken Charlie!  Please open a branch in Ortigas :)  Or maybe at the mall so I can also pass by the music store and
and buy fender gold lace sensor pickups at musician's friend after I get my wings fix :P

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Lazy!

We just got back from the most relaxing vacation ever!  Erman and I just spent 3 days in Bellarocca in Marinduque.
It is so far the most beautiful resort we've ever been to.  The view from the top is really something else.
our room
Our villa had everything - a private pool, jacuzzi and
Nespresso Machine
our very own Nespresso machine in the kitchen!  I loved it so much that I drank 2 cups of coffee everyday while we were here.  Haha.
But of course I missed my boys.  And I think Nugget missed me too!  He kept smelling and rubbing my bag :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 8th!

Today, Erman and I celebrate our 8th year as a couple.  It's funny how 8 years seems so long when you say it... but in reality it feels as if everything happened in an instant!  And in exactly 1 month we'll be getting married.  Haha!  Happy/crazy times!  Anyway, we decided to take a quick break from work and all the wedding planning hullabaloo. 
Guess where we are? I'll be posting more photos when we get back :) 

French Macarons

Do you like French Macarons?  
I found out about The Cookie Jar while I was researching on dessert suppliers for our wedding.  I got in touch with them and ordered 8 pcs to sample.
I got a pleasant surprise when I picked up my order.   Rae (the person behind The Cookie Jar) texted me that it was on the house.  Thank you so much, Rae :)  We loved all the flavors!  I wish I took more photos but they were gone in minutes :D
Kumo on the other hand was more interested in the mini pineapple...
I found him asleep beside it too.  This cat is crazy! Hehe.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meow Monday

I like looking at my sleeping cats.  Even when I have a lot of work piled up, I still take time out to watch the two while they are asleep.
pink nose Kumo
Pink nosed Kumo likes sleeping on the dining table.
Big brother Nugget owns the couch.  I laughed a bit when I saw him hugging the pillow.  It almost looks as if he is holding on to avoid falling off.  Hehe.  I think these two are asleep about 70% of the day!  It must be nice to be a cat and just sleep all day :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's ride!

Spotted this cute sleeping kitty when we went to Divisoria this morning.  We were shopping for random things like paper straws, foot rugs and small toys :D  I was looking for small wooden boxes but I guess it is better to check supplies at woodcrafter for those things.
motorbike cat in Divisoria
Too bad I only had my phone to take this photo.  It would have been nice to have a clearer image :)  I also passed by the school supply store where this big gray cat lives...
but the owner told us that big gray passed away last December due to old age :(  He was 17 years old.  Sigh!  He will be missed.

My love affair with cats

Cats have always been a part of my life.  My grandmother and mom are both cat freaks so I guess I inherited the cat lover gene from them :)  We lost a lot of our old photos but thankfully I was able to save the important ones!
mid 80's with our kitten, Kelly
The important ones are the ones with cats of course! Hehe.  This is a photo of my brother and I with our kitten named Kelly.  I can't remember when this was taken but I'm guessing I was about 6 years old?
late 80's
Another photo with my brother (better clothes and a bit older from the last one!)  The cat in the photo is Mocha, one of my grandmother's cat in the 80's.
kate and nug
Nugget and Meow!
This photo was taken about 7 years ago...  when both of us were still thin :)
with nug
How we look today.  Both fatties but happy.  Next time I'll have Kumo in the photo too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cat Puzzle: then and now

Cat puzzle photo taken last November 2010.  Kumo was just 3 months old, Nugget just turned 9
Kumo and Nug, Nov 2010
Just look at that cute fuzzy baby
Kumo and Nug, Nov 2010
So white and tiny!
Here is a more recent photo of our cat puzzle
Cat puzzle: April 2011
Nugget looks the same but Kumo is getting bigger and bigger!  Please don't grow up so fast baby Kumo!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things that make me happy

Finding random notes.
Saw this sticky note attached to the magazine I was reading while waiting at the dentist.  It was a travel article featuring Naples, Italy.  In the next article the author mentioned that they found a boring mill in the city.  But seriously, I don't think anything will be boring when you are exploring!  :D
magazine at the dentist
I feel the same! :)
Hotels that give you an option to choose what kind of pillow you want.
cabbage rose
Beautiful and unusual flowers.  This is a cabbage rose!
time for a break
Seeing a kalesa (horse drawn carriage).  The driver is on a reading break :)
public art
Art installations in public spaces for everyone to enjoy
Looking at Kumo... Although I did feel a bit sad because lately he seems so adult already!  I miss the days when he was still a tiny kitten.


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