Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 8th!

Today, Erman and I celebrate our 8th year as a couple.  It's funny how 8 years seems so long when you say it... but in reality it feels as if everything happened in an instant!  And in exactly 1 month we'll be getting married.  Haha!  Happy/crazy times!  Anyway, we decided to take a quick break from work and all the wedding planning hullabaloo. 
Guess where we are? I'll be posting more photos when we get back :) 


  1. That's great fur eight! Oh, look at all that water!!!

  2. happy 8th and more!

    i'm guessing you're somewhere warm and

  3. wow...8 years? that's a phenomenal amount of time together as a couple! and you're getting hitched in a month? wow!

    is that boracay or bohol or palawan?



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