Thursday, April 7, 2011

My love affair with cats

Cats have always been a part of my life.  My grandmother and mom are both cat freaks so I guess I inherited the cat lover gene from them :)  We lost a lot of our old photos but thankfully I was able to save the important ones!
mid 80's with our kitten, Kelly
The important ones are the ones with cats of course! Hehe.  This is a photo of my brother and I with our kitten named Kelly.  I can't remember when this was taken but I'm guessing I was about 6 years old?
late 80's
Another photo with my brother (better clothes and a bit older from the last one!)  The cat in the photo is Mocha, one of my grandmother's cat in the 80's.
kate and nug
Nugget and Meow!
This photo was taken about 7 years ago...  when both of us were still thin :)
with nug
How we look today.  Both fatties but happy.  Next time I'll have Kumo in the photo too.


  1. You two don't look fat. Aba naka-hug pa si Nugget...very sweet photo.

  2. I didn't see any fat either, but you do both look very happy fur sure!

  3. I have an orange tiger too, we call him Buster.

  4. You are not a fattie! I can't believe that's Nugget in the other photo! He looked...malnourished :)

  5. You're so pretty Kate~

    I love the photo in the balcony

  6. aww, thanks guys :D It's the camera angle! I am on the chunky side in real life. LOL.

  7. Oh, pretty Kate! And you are so not fat, you should see me, haha!

    Uma is getting fat na rin, nagmana sa akin. :)

  8. whoa, it's the 1st time i saw your pic in this blog.

    hello Kate, Im Chyng. nice meeting you! ^_^

  9. Finally, I saw you. You're so pretty, Kate! Now I know what to give you as pasalubong/gift in case that we'll meet (in the future heeehee, who knows). :)



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