Monday, July 28, 2014

More busy days ahead

It was an extremely busy week...  So busy that we did not even feel the weekend!  Right now I feel that I need to be extra productive since it is a Monday again.
aftermath of a whole week of crafting!
The first task on my list is to clean the house :D  I joined an art fair (more on that in another post) and because of this our tiny home has been littered with all my stuff!  Next on the list is catching up on all my e-mail messages and pending projects.
But before I get started I am rewarding myself with a Kitkat break!  I wish that after this break I will be able to unlock the power of being super productive so I can finish all the things on my to do list!  It would be great to have that skill!  I also need to be focused and avoid distraction (eeps, good bye internet... and cake walk... haha).
Even my Trikky Kitty agrees that I need a KitKat break (or breaks).  Happy Monday folks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Outlet Shopping at Robinsons StarMills

Have you been to Robinson's StarMills?  It is a bit out of the way for us Ortigas folks so we never had plans of visiting.  I did hear about the outlet stores there but then again San Fernando, Pampanga is quite far from our home so yeah, no plans were ever made :D
We finally got to visit a couple of weeks ago.  My mom wanted to check out the outlet stores (and I also had an errand nearby).  Getting there was easy - just go straight NLEX and then take the San Fernando exit.
Our first stop was the Guess store.  Most items are at 50% off.  My mom was able to buy a shirt for just p400... half the price of the Guess shirt (same style but different color) she bought on sale at Duty Free! 
   Shoes, belts and bags are on sale too!  Nothing interesting for meow though :D
 Our next stop was the Mango Outlet.  I was surprised to see discounts up to 80% here!
 Dresses at  P625!
Some sizes are not available though but I am sure that you will find something that you like.  They also have coats, shoes, bags, belts and other accessories on sale.
I liked this colorful bead cuff but decided not to buy it because I have so many accessories collecting dust at home :D
My mom ended up getting 7 items for just p1000!  Some clothes even have extra discount when you get to the cashier.
Our last stop was the People Are People store where I got these awesome alien shirts for just p190 each :D
War of the Worlds Anniversary and Alien history + timeline :D  There were still many stores (Toys R Us,  All Flip Flops, Nike, Adidas and others) but we did not get to visit anymore since we were in a hurry to get on the road before rush hour.  Not sure when we will be back but we will definitely drop by again if we are in the area.


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