Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas :)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter and good cheer!
Love, Kate, Nugget and Kumo <3

Monday, December 10, 2012

This is it pancit!

I am finally taking Kumo to the vet tomorrow to get neutered.  Yes, I know we are a bit late (Kumo turned 2 last month) but as they say, better late than never :D

Anyway, here is a cute (and a bit heartbreaking) photo of a sad faced Kumo.  I took this months ago when we brought him to the vet.  It's dark because we were in the basement parking lot.  Lol, so much drama.
 I really hope things go well tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vet visit photos

It was a challenge to bring BOTH cats at the vet :D  Usually they take turns but we decided that it would be more convenient (and also to save gas) to bring them both on the same day.
As usual, Nuggie was so noisy the whole time.  Kumo on the other hand was very behaved and was just waiting quietly in his carrier.
Noisy Nug and conehead Kumo in the corner.  I'm happy to say that both cats are doing well.
When I went to the cashier I spotted a very cute cat just chilling in the corner.
Her name is Petunia.  She's super cute and has the softest fur too!  I love her!
Hope they find good homes :(

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Looking for a sewing machine


...that you are no longer using? 
The older students of Sampaloc Elementary School in Tanay have been trying to learn how to use a sewing machine--a very useful skill that may even become a means of livelihood in the future.
But it's very difficult to learn how to operate one when you're just looking at photos and illustrations. The school doesn't have a single machine that their 900 intermediate pupils can use to practice.
If you want to donate a sewing machine, we'll be glad to bring it to Tanay for you. We will also make sure you get updates on its impact on the students of Sampaloc. Just email kaeskwelavolunteers@yahoo.com

Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip to Dumaguete

I can't believe that almost a month has passed since our trip to Dumaguete.  Time is really so fast and it is quite a shock to see that we are almost halfway through 2012!  Anyway going back to our vacation...   
Dumaguete's famous Baywalk
This was probably our most relaxed trip to date.  No pressure to go see the tourist spots at once since I told Erman that we had 6 days to spend here (actually just 3 days in the city since I had a surprise planned for him but more on that in another post).
We stayed at the newly opened Go Hotels which is conveniently beside Robinson's Mall.
Our room was small and simple but that was expected because the rates of Go Hotels are very reasonable.  Our room only cost us P1,200 a night :D  I reserved just a few days before our trip but had I booked earlier it would have been a lot cheaper.  At some days the rates can even go as low as P800!  I'll book earlier next time :D
We had a wonderful lunch at Dumaguete's famous Sanrival... and yes they have other food aside from Sansrival and cakes :D
Rizal Boulevard
We spent the rest of the afternoon walking and hanging out at the Baywalk where we saw many interesting things...
a green house
a stranded boat
 Scary looking nuns on a boat (LOL).  This is actually monument to commemorate the arrival of the sisters of St. Paul in 1904
newlyweds posing for wedding photos
and lovers.  So romantic :D

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hello hello!

The cats have been bathing a lot this past month.  It turns out that Kumo has a severe fungal infection.  The vet did explain that cats naturally have fungal flora in their bodies but maybe Kumo has a weaker immune system causing his skin to be more prone to flare ups.  Nugget is unaffected but he is also getting treated because he is most likely the source of the infection.
I is trapped!
I think the infection never went away because we were always focused on Kumo.  He was the only one getting treated before but now Nuggie is also having the medicated baths.  Uh-oh Nuggie!  Poor baby tried to escape this afternoon while we were bathing him :P  Sadly no photos of bathing Kumo because that cat is wild!
Lots of suds :D  Happy Sunday folks!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Importance of Sharing

Got this really nice e-mail from my friend, Grace the other day.  Just thought that it would be nice to also share the message (and spread the news about KaEskwela) with my blogger family :D
KaEskwela's 2012 Project Aral delivery in Bataan
  "For the past two weeks, we have been getting a lot of feedback via email and Facebook. Some people want to volunteer, some want to donate, some want to help spread the word. Some, amazingly, do not know anyone from KaEskwela.

All because some people share.

And we don't mean just sharing time, money, goods. We mean share as in Facebook Share, retweet, forward email, copy paste Multiply link on Plurk, make www.kaeskwela.org your YM stat, tell a friend about KaE while having lunch, and so on.

Because Yas Shared, her friend's friends are now trying to raise funds to help fix Geronimo's water pipes. 

Because Ada (or someone from her team) sent messages asking for Project Aral volunteers for Bataan, a teacher from Woodrose is introducing us to a 12-year-old girl who wants to donate copies of her very own book.

Because Jovy posted photos of their Project Aral delivery to Lara, workmates have pledged to join future deliveries.

Because Roselyn Shared our appeal for transportation, an acquaintance lent her vehicles and even paid for gas.

Etcetera etcetera.

Just imagine how much help our partner schools will get if everyone in KaEskwela SHARED!  :)"  Btw, if you need a fender esquire, just click on the link.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things that make me happy

Just another post with photos of random things that make me happy :)
 Fresh green homemade pesto.  
I followed a tip on how to keep the leaves bright and green.  So happy it worked :)
Funny shaped vegetables
Bought this "leggy" radish at the grocery
Kumo and Nuggie!
 I love watching them go crazy over a blade of grass.
Kumo wants a bite.
Old fashioned candy
no artificial colors too :D  Happy Weekend folks!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where is meow?

 Actually, we are home now :P  Just sharing some photos of the trip we took last 2 weeks ago.
Missing the sand and the beautiful blue water
Our home for 3 days
Beautiful sandbar.  Hope to come back soon (and stay longer).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kumo at the Vet

Kumo has a lot of recurring wounds all over his body... and lately it is getting really bad.  We've taken him to 2 vets already yet there is no improvement to his condition.  The skin test results are always normal.  No parasites too.  Could it be a psychological problem that is causing him to over groom?  I really don't know but in the meantime we need to make sure that aside from the wounds that there is nothing wrong with him physically.
looking sad in the car
This afternoon we took him to our 3rd vet for this year.  We've been there a lot quite often lately that there is no need for them to look at the id checker.  Hopefully third time's the charm and we will finally figure out what is causing the wounds.  The doctor prescribed the same medicated shampoo but we were given a new medicine to try.  We'll be back in 2 weeks as soon as we are done with the antibiotics but we are keeping our paws crossed that things will get better for our baby Kumo.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friskies Pizza

Hey there, Nuggie!
Since it's a Saturday, I have a special treat for my boys :)
Friskies wet food!  It was my first time to see these variants so I had to let them try.  Kumo ate so much!  He even pawed Nuggie in the face because he wanted more :P
In the mean time the humans had pizza for dinner!
My all time fave flavor: cheese.  Happy Saturday, folks!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost home

After a year of marriage we are finally ALMOST home :D
Nothing fancy about our flat.  It's quite small and plain but I love it!  Hopefully our kitchen and the other final touches will be finished soon so we can move in.  Everything is still new and clean so there is definitely no need to check out cleanertoday.com for mold remover :D
The view of the mall is nice too.  LOL.  I'm kidding.  The only thing that I am NOT excited about is the fact that I have to leave my babies behind :(  There is a no pet policy in the building.  I feel really bummed about this because they initially said it was okay.   
I will miss seeing my baby Nug and Kumo!  But it's not so bad because I can still visit them everyday since we are just 5 minutes away from my mom's place.  Just a bit sad that I won't be able to see them when I wake up or right before I sleep or when I need a Nug hug.  Huhu.  Hopefully I will be able to sneak them in during the weekend!  Shhh! :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goodbye, Meow

Remember the 39 pound kitty in the news last month?
A lot of people were rooting for his survival.  The folks at the shelter where he was surrendered were really hoping to help him get back in shape.  Unfortunately, I just read that dear Meow has passed away due to obesity complications :(
Rest in Peace, Meow :(

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday love

Just photos of my 2 loves on a happy Sunday.
 Baby Nug
and Baby Kumo.  Have a great day, folks! :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orange Day

We had a beautiful orange afternoon the other day.  Not sure what happened but when I stepped out everything was lovely and orange-y.
This is how the sky looked from my balcony.  So pretty but kinda felt apocalyptic...  Hello, 2012! Anyway, here are some other orange day images from my wonderful plurk pals.  Thanks to Lemuel, Renz, Gilbz and Miao :D

 Aren't these photos pretty?  But as usual there will always be a realist in the group.
Haha!  Happy Weekend, folks!


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