Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We are sleepy kitties!

Paws in face
So sleepy on a sunny afternoon.
Paws in face
I wonder how Nuggie feels with Kumo's paws resting on his face!  So funny :D
 Check out this cute video for more sleepy kitties :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My name is Mini

I finally had the chance to meet my fiancé's cat.  Actually, this cutie just wandered into their home one day and decided to stay :)
She's such a pretty kitty too!  She didn't have a name yet so I suggested that we just call her Mini :)  I don't know why but that word just popped in my head when I saw her.
Just look at that precious face!
She's super friendly!  Here she is trying to grab my hand :)
Sexy pose for the camera :D  We should have her neutered soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat all you can at Mc Donald's!

Spotted at Mc Donald's Baguio: Eat all you can breakfast on March 19!
Eat all you can breakfast!
For just P199 ($2.75) you can have all the hash browns, pancakes, biscuits, etc!  Additional p50 ($1.15) charge for left overs. Hehe!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good morning, Baguio!

It's a cold Saturday morning here in Baguio.  I always look forward to our breakfast at the Cafe by the Ruins.  Saturday mornings are the best because there is also an organic market outside the cafe.
I had a mushroom omelet with garlic rice.  Coffee and fruit cup included in the set.
Baked goodies
Freshly baked goodies!
Cafe by the Ruins
Sunny corner
Organic fruits and veggies
My haul from the market: Gooseberries, Lemongrass, cherry tomatoes
Passion Fruit Puree and Sunflower honey
I also got 2 bottles of Passion fruit puree and a small sampler of Sunflower honey.  Yum :)  Happy Saturday, Folks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Kumo

long Kumo
We all think that Kumo will grow up to be a long and lean cat.  He's barely a year old but his limbs are so long!  Big brother Nugget on the other hand is build like a ham :D
almost as long as Nuggie!
Full body pillow!
Super stretch!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spay Day 2011

Good news for us pet mommies!
"To support Spay Day, The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International host the Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest, presented by Zazzle—a great opportunity to celebrate our pets,  raise funds for spaying and neutering, and win great prizes!"  The contest is open to everyone- US and non US residents.  Yay :)  Click on their website to know read all the details.  Looking forward to seeing everybody's photos!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart's Day!

Do you celebrate Valentine's day?  Erman and I don't celebrate Valentine's day, but this year the 14th is a little more special for us because it means that we have exactly 3 months to go for our wedding!
I remember the time when I was working abroad and I missed him (and Nugget, of course!) so much.  I was so happy that he went to visit me during my birthday that I made this heart collage out of post-its on the window :D  My office mate took a photo of me busy sticking away.  These photos seem so long ago!  I don't know why but it feels so surreal.  I mean, we're finally getting married after 8 years of being a couple.
Finished!  This was the view from my office.  Time was so slow that day!  I kept looking at my watch and wishing that it would already be 6 pm so I could go down and meet him.
his view
Erman's view from the cafe where he was waiting :)  Do you see the tiny heart?
  Here it is up close.  Happy hearts day to everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glorious Carbs

The South beach gods are not happy!
This month I've consumed a lot of carbs...  And not the good kind too! Haha :D
Pizza and creamy pasta (I only had half of the pasta, okay) 
Shi Lin
Yummy dimsum and Chicken chop rice at Shi Lin.
Grilled shrimp and chicken at Chili's. So bland and quite pricey at p550 a plate.
 Too many corn chips! Uh-oh.  I will probably need around hours of exercise to burn these off.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Tasting

I can't believe that we only have 3 months to go before our wedding!  There are still a lot of things to settle but thankfully we can cross out the most important item on the the list - Food!  Yay!
The table is ready :)
We had pumpkin soup with toasted bread to start.
We were served a simple salad after.  We all enjoyed this because the toppings were amazing.  Aside from the expected stuff like corn and Parmesan cheese, they included unusual picks like chicco and langka too!
I've never had salad with chico and langka before but I liked it :)  I should make this at home sometime.
We also had Cod in lemon garlic sauce, 3 other meat dishes
and the best pasta ever!  We were told that this tinapa (smoked fish) sauce is their best seller.  To be honest, we picked this from the list out of curiosity but I'm so glad we did because it's so good!  Hopefully the guests will think so too :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Secret Kumo

Whatcha looking at Nuggie?
Something is moving inside!
I know that smell!
It's Kumo!
Hello there, secret Kumo! :)
Nuggie, do you want to go inside too?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chasing Chinatown

Happy Year of the Metal Rabbit to all of us!  I'm not Chinese but I look forward to Chinese New Year because of the festivities...
Chinese New Year
I mean, when else do you see "lions" crossing the street?
Chinese New Year
or a dancing dragon? :)  I really wished I had time to drop by Chinatown but thankfully the dragons came to my neighborhood this year.  Photos are blurry since I was taking them from my balcony.  Hehe!
happy year of the metal rabbit
Aside from the festivities, we also look forward to the food!  Funny because these dishes and goodies are available the whole year round... but somehow it is more exciting to eat tikoy during the Chinese New Year! 
Chasing Chinatown food bazaar
Erman and I were lucky to catch the very last day of the "Chasing Chinatown" food bazaar at the Power Plant Mall.
lucky snacks
We saw a lot of goodies such as tikoy and hopia in different flavors.
Yummy dimsum!
fresh lumpia
and the best fresh lumpia from Ha Yuan.  Anyway, if you want to save on kramer pacer at musicians friend, just click on the link and you will find what you need :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Salad

Too lazy to cook so I had left over chicken and chopped greens for lunch.  Actually, there was nothing left to cook in the ref so this is it.  No other available veggies too.  Hehe.
Friday lunch salad
Added grated Eden cheese to make the salad yummier.  I love that the foil pack costs just P14.75!  Very cheap :)
Grated cheese in foil pack
The kitties approve!
so white
Btw, I find this pic so funny because Kumo is blending with the floor's reflection. hehe.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dreaming of a FURfect Marathon

My online buddy, Gail has a wonderful project for the cats and dogs of CARA (Compassion And Responsibility for Animals).  Here is what she wrote on her website:

"Hi. I'm Gail Villanueva. I'll be running my first-ever 42.2km race on the 20th of March 2011 at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon in Nuvali, and I want to make it count :)

I love animals, and I believe rescue cats and dogs at Compassion And Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Welfare Philippines deserve a second chance for happier lives. I'd like to take this opportunity of running a marathon to help raise funds for the organization.

I would like to invite you to pledge to donate a minimum of One Peso (Php1.00/ US$0.02) for every kilometer I complete during the race. If I finish all 42.2 kilometers, the adorable cats and dogs of CARA will receive Php42.20 from you. This minimal amount would be enough to buy a small pouch of dog or cat food. Your help will go a long way. Rest assured, every single peso from this fund-raiser will go straight to CARA --- no strings attached :)"


Yes, you read that right - even 1 peso counts!  The minimum 1 Peso/ $0.02 per KM pledge can go a long way :)  I hope Gail gets to complete the run.  She will probably need a boot scraper after too :P You can pledge for the dogs and cats of CARA over at Gail's site, Run for Cara.


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