Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart's Day!

Do you celebrate Valentine's day?  Erman and I don't celebrate Valentine's day, but this year the 14th is a little more special for us because it means that we have exactly 3 months to go for our wedding!
I remember the time when I was working abroad and I missed him (and Nugget, of course!) so much.  I was so happy that he went to visit me during my birthday that I made this heart collage out of post-its on the window :D  My office mate took a photo of me busy sticking away.  These photos seem so long ago!  I don't know why but it feels so surreal.  I mean, we're finally getting married after 8 years of being a couple.
Finished!  This was the view from my office.  Time was so slow that day!  I kept looking at my watch and wishing that it would already be 6 pm so I could go down and meet him.
his view
Erman's view from the cafe where he was waiting :)  Do you see the tiny heart?
  Here it is up close.  Happy hearts day to everyone!


  1. Awwww..... That was just soooo cute! The heart on the window is a very romantic gesture....

    ...and soon to get married! Such a lovely feast you have in front of you :-)

    I'm happy for you!


  2. It is nice to reminisce 'no? That heart on the window is so meaningful. Parang means of communication nung old days. :) Happy hearts day!

  3. That is very nice indeed! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  4. Aw, that's so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Aaww, so sweet! lapit na ang big day! ♥



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