Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rockeoke at Mag:net Cafe

I'm not really a fan of Karaoke. Actually, I am not a fan at all... but I do like watching and listening to people sing. It's pretty cool- especially if they can sing well :) Anyway, my friends and I checked out the Rockeoke (rock-karaoke?) night at the Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street. The Rockeoke definitely takes the normal Karaoke session to the next level. Instead of a couch and a TV there is a stage and a live band. Can you imagine getting up on stage to sing? This gig is perfect for rock stars and rock star wannabes! I almost forgot to say there is also whole room of spectators (mostly strangers) to cheer (or boo) you on. Yikes. Definitely not for the faint of heart (er, me). Surprisingly, a lot of people signed up to sing on stage... Including two of my friends! Cool.
As for meow, I had a nice cup of coffee and a few bites off my friend's chocolate mousse. Ang corny ko, ano? :P Maybe next time I'll have enough courage to sing... but that seems unlikely. I might suffer a heart attack on stage too. Ngar.

cappuccino for meow.chocolate mousse

Mag:net is at 2/F B3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chopped ice cream, rainbow bread and wafers.

Street ice cream in Singapore is served differently. Instead of the usual scooper, the ice cream man has a chopping board and a knife! The ice cream is in blocks and is chopped right before your eyes! yum. Ice cream is priced at $1-1.50 SGD.There are a lot of flavors to choose from ranging from chocolate chip to durian! I think the best seller is mango though. we went to 2 different vendors and they were both out of mango flavor!Aside from the normal sugar cone, you can have your ice cream sandwiched between 2 wafersor get a real ice cream sandwich! btw, the rainbow bread in Singapore is lighter in color compared to our rainbow bread!happy cones!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How much is that meow in the window?

I love cats and I'm sure that you all know that by now. If I had unlimited funds and a big house I would adopt as many cats as I can. *sigh* Anyway, there is a store in Divisoria that I visit every time not because of the stuff that they sell but because they have a HUGE gray cat! I visit this big baby almost 2-3 times a year :) I love him already! Last Thursday I was lucky enough to see this giant and two of his feline friends just lounging in the store. Funny, I have been visiting him for about 5 years now and still I have no idea what the name of the store is. Me-ow. what? no discount on the cat???i'm not for sale!we'll take this orange fur ball please!last stock

Thursday, August 14, 2008

All aboard the M/V Pasig

Going to Divisoria via Pasig ferry is fun! We boarded the boat at the Hulo station in Mandaluyong and then alighted at the Escolta station. The trip took about 45 mins but you will barely notice the time since you will be busy looking out the window... well, unless you take the boat everyday that is! There are a lot of interesting sights to see such as unusual and sometimes funny graffiti, people in the water (!?!), shanties, cats, rundown factories, huge oil tanks, rusty boats, people under the bridge, unidentified floating objects and more people. The Pasig river is surprisingly busy with all sorts of activity. Oh, i forgot to mention that the boat passes by the Malacañang Palace but picture taking is not allowed for security reasons. One of the boat attendants suggested that we take out a p20 bill and compare it to the Malacañang as we passed by. Coolness.

Fares range from P25 to p45
First boat departs at 7:30 am but departure times vary from station to station. Just call first to be sure :)

HULO - 5342233
STA. ANA - 5615483
ESCOLTA - 2442006
LAMBINGAN - 5312950
SAN JOAQUIN - 6415810
GUADALUPE - 8825734
all aboard!passengersrustic... er, rusty palared boatremnants of an old factoryKATE boat!!! yehey!make my day pepe! (huh???)a meow eating breakfast by the riverthe post office

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Donations needed for medical mission

Reposting from our site.

* * *

It's less than a month to our medical-dental mission at Lara Integrated School, and we still have not received any cash donations. We need the cash to rent a bus or two, buy medical supplies like sterilizing solutions, buy medicines that we can't get from the pharma companies we have contacted.

Our beneficiaries are 300 grade school and high school students. Their afflictions range from skin diseases and asthma to tuberculosis. A lot of them are malnourished.

If you'd like to donate, please email kaeskwelavolunteers@yahoo.com or send us a private message through this site.

Please be assured that we will send a detailed accounting of how your money was spent, as well as scanned copies of receipts.

Any amount is welcome :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Join us at the International Coastal Cleanup 2008

Free on September 20, 2008? Why not join us at the International Coastal Cleanup? :) Btw, I am looking for 2 more members for my team! Information below reposted with permission.
* * *
The International Coastal Cleanup, organized by The Ocean Conservancy, is the world’s largest volunteer event of its kind. Last year, 378,000 volunteers from 76 countries and 45 states cleared six million pounds of trash from oceans and waterways and recorded every piece of trash collected.

This September 20, 2008, Saturday at 6AM, Coca-Cola Philippines invites you, your family & friends to be one with us and thousands of volunteers world-wide in a globally-coordinated event, as we clean up the stretch of Roxas Boulevard heading towards the Cavite Coastal Road to demonstrate our commitment to clean oceans and waterways.

The event is expected to begin at 6AM in the morning, and will finish before lunch-time.

To join, simply form a team of your friends and group yourselves into a team of FOUR (4) members each.

Among yourselves, please select a Team Leader with whom we can coordinate with and pass on the event-related materials, forms, and other updates.

There is no limit to the number of teams you can form!

We would like to get a headcount for this activity that we may coordinate better with the Ocean Conservancy's Philippine Coordinating Organization, the International Marinelife Alliance Philippines (IMAP).

Once I receive your list, I will immediately send you a PowerPt Presentation which will provide you and your team more information on what items to bring with you on Sept. 20.

For more information, you can also visit The Ocean Conservancy Website at http://www.oceanconservancy.org/site/PageServer?pagename=press_icc

or contact me at the following :

Victor Z. Manlapaz

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc.
Project Officer, Environment
Tel.: (02) 866-2582
Fax: (02) 866-2398
Mobile: (0917) 866-2398
Email: victor.manlapaz @ ccbp.com.ph

Butter Cake by Meow

I think I've been watching too many cooking shows lately because when I woke up this morning I really felt that I HAD to bake a cake. Anyway, I ended up making a mini butter cake which turned out really well! Yey! Aside from the butter cake I also made potato salad. Wow! What a combo! I just love carbs :)One slice for meow
I think i'll add Rum next time :)do i get points for plating?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Snuggle time with Nugget

Thanks to the cold weather, my cat is as fluffy and lazy as ever! His favorite sleeping spot at the moment is the left arm of our couch. But at times we find him all curled up in a box or outside. Sigh! Must be cool to be a cat and sleep all day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mint Toy Museum

"Whether you are a child at heart or an avid toy collector, The Mint Museum of Toys has something for everyone. Housed in a contemporary five-storey building, it boasts a rich mix of nostalgia, education and inspiration."

taken from the Mint Museum website

I really love toys! That's why the Mint Toy Museum was definitely on the itinerary during our Singapore trip :) The Museum has a wonderful collection of vintage toys! Btw, they have a nice cafe and gift shop too! Don't forget to get a souvenir after :)

We started our tour at the fifth floor which holds the outer space collection. I almost had a heart attack when i saw their robots! They have an original Smoking Man Robot (my fave!) which is valued at US $5,000! WOW! I suddenly remembered my 3-inch miniature Smoking Man robot replica. The original version is huge and measures about 12 inches! I wasn't able to see it that well though since it was on the topmost shelf of the exhibit. Aww. Anyway, here are more bots and other toys that i wish i could take home with me...cute sparky botsthe mighty atom! Astro boy!!!The Adventures of Tin Tin figurines ( i love the comics and the cartoon!!!)retro barbies and kewpie dollsreal matchbox cars!my new bot, giant robot c/o the mint museum gift shop! :)

The Mint Museum is at:
26 Seah Street
Singapore 022768

open from 9.30am to 6:30 pm (museum)
9:30 - 9:30 (shop and cafe)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Chinese food at Han Wok

If you love authentic Chinese food then Han Wok should be at the top of your list! My friend, Ging and I had lunch there recently and we were very pleased with the service and the food. Our meal started with a complimentary serving of crackers. Yum! I like restaurants who give complimentary stuff such as house tea or appetizers (well, who doesn't?). Haha! It's such a welcome change from restaurants who either scrimp on their food or charge for everything... extra sauce, extra garnish, extra creamer etc. Actually, I had coffee at a famous donut joint while waiting for Ging before heading to Han Wok and was really surprised when the waitress told me that they charge for extra creamer since they used to give it for free before. Oh well.
Yummy Chips!
Anyway, we ordered the Squid in salt and pepper, Steamed Fish in soy sauce and their famous 3 cups Chicken! I've never had the 3 cups Chicken before but i was really glad that I was able to try it out for the first time at Han Wok. I was told that they use aged Chinese wine with this dish to make it really authentic! Yum! Aside from the good food, the restaurant hosts a very exciting guest of the hour game wherein the customers get a chance to win a few Han Wok goodies. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner when we were there! haha :) I'm starting to love this place :)Squid in salt and pepper (p220)Steamed fish fillet with soy sauce (p260)3 Cups Chicken
can be ordered with the bone in (p285) or boneless (p310)

Han Wok is at Madison Square Garden, Ortigas Ave., San Juan
Open from 9am to 9 pm
Han Wok Website


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