Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Chinese food at Han Wok

If you love authentic Chinese food then Han Wok should be at the top of your list! My friend, Ging and I had lunch there recently and we were very pleased with the service and the food. Our meal started with a complimentary serving of crackers. Yum! I like restaurants who give complimentary stuff such as house tea or appetizers (well, who doesn't?). Haha! It's such a welcome change from restaurants who either scrimp on their food or charge for everything... extra sauce, extra garnish, extra creamer etc. Actually, I had coffee at a famous donut joint while waiting for Ging before heading to Han Wok and was really surprised when the waitress told me that they charge for extra creamer since they used to give it for free before. Oh well.
Yummy Chips!
Anyway, we ordered the Squid in salt and pepper, Steamed Fish in soy sauce and their famous 3 cups Chicken! I've never had the 3 cups Chicken before but i was really glad that I was able to try it out for the first time at Han Wok. I was told that they use aged Chinese wine with this dish to make it really authentic! Yum! Aside from the good food, the restaurant hosts a very exciting guest of the hour game wherein the customers get a chance to win a few Han Wok goodies. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner when we were there! haha :) I'm starting to love this place :)Squid in salt and pepper (p220)Steamed fish fillet with soy sauce (p260)3 Cups Chicken
can be ordered with the bone in (p285) or boneless (p310)

Han Wok is at Madison Square Garden, Ortigas Ave., San Juan
Open from 9am to 9 pm
Han Wok Website


  1. Sawaaaap!Kakagutom! masarap ung squid?padala naman dito sa Singapore nyan.ahihi!

  2. yes! super yummy :) try mo pagbalik dito!



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