Thursday, August 14, 2008

All aboard the M/V Pasig

Going to Divisoria via Pasig ferry is fun! We boarded the boat at the Hulo station in Mandaluyong and then alighted at the Escolta station. The trip took about 45 mins but you will barely notice the time since you will be busy looking out the window... well, unless you take the boat everyday that is! There are a lot of interesting sights to see such as unusual and sometimes funny graffiti, people in the water (!?!), shanties, cats, rundown factories, huge oil tanks, rusty boats, people under the bridge, unidentified floating objects and more people. The Pasig river is surprisingly busy with all sorts of activity. Oh, i forgot to mention that the boat passes by the Malacañang Palace but picture taking is not allowed for security reasons. One of the boat attendants suggested that we take out a p20 bill and compare it to the Malacañang as we passed by. Coolness.

Fares range from P25 to p45
First boat departs at 7:30 am but departure times vary from station to station. Just call first to be sure :)

HULO - 5342233
STA. ANA - 5615483
ESCOLTA - 2442006
LAMBINGAN - 5312950
SAN JOAQUIN - 6415810
GUADALUPE - 8825734
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  1. A reminiscence of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok...including the dark waters. hehehe

    I hope the government takes advantage (in a good way) of the historic Pasig River.

    I miss home. I'll ride that when I come home. Hmph! :-P

  2. I have to hop on that when I get to Manila!

  3. thanks for posting this ^_^ looks like fun because it shows a different perspective of Manila. how did you discover this ride? :P

  4. yes, you are right! a bit sad lang that the river is super littered!

  5. it would be nice to let the kids experience that ride, but i hope the government would do something to restore the beauty of the old Pasig River that we read about... thanks for sharing your find... :)



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