Sunday, January 31, 2010

Real Leaf Paparazzi

The Sinulog festival in Cebu is Hot! The streets are packed with people from all over just to witness the grand parade which is held every 3rd Sunday of January. This year was even more special because it was Sinulog's 30th anniversary! We were definitely really lucky to have been there to experience the grand party.

Happy participants and the Sto. NinoThe map of the procession.  We got this map free along with some giveaway items.  I am proud to say that we were able to complete the route!2 things that we needed that day: funky hats and bottles of Real Leaf Ice tea to help us beat the heat!My Real Leaf is huge! haha :)It's greeeeeen! Real Leaf is made from 100% whole grean tea leaves that’s naturally packed with Theanine!One of the participants resting under his hat. I'm sure he would love to drink Real Leaf now.Relaxing with Real Leaf is cool!Really refreshing!Viva Pit Senyor!After a really hot day, we took in the view of Cebu with another bottle of Real Leaf :)

No diet on Sundays!

Since it's a Sunday (or should I say, Sinday) we decided to give Nugget a break from his usual low calorie organic food. We got him 2 cans of Tiki Cat food (still organic but yummy) from Bow and Wow - one can of chicken & egg and the other one was tuna with tiger prawns! Yes, tiger prawns! Very fancy, huh? Haha. Here's the product description on the website:

"Tiki Cat Manana Grill Ahi Tuna with Tiger Prawns In Tuna Consomme Canned Cat Food is manufactured in a human-grade factory and are truly human-grade quality. All products are made with whole meat from preferred, premium portions of seafood that are left whole and intact verses traditional meatloaf or other mystery meat pates. All meat ingredients are called out in the primary flavor names without mystery or unnamed "ocean fish", chicken and other inferior filler meat sources."

Did they just say human grade quality? Does this mean that I can eat this too? Haha. My mom fed him this morning and said that the food was gone in 5 minutes. Hmm. Must have been yummy :)
Tiki Cat 2.8oz can costs p105 ($2.26) for the Tiger Prawns and p65 ($1.40) for the chicken.And since Nugget was having tiger prawns, we had shrimp for lunch too :D

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you HSBC!

HSBC sent me 9 Gift Certificates for KFC in the mail the other day. Yay! I guess I'm really happy that I received something from them aside from the monthly bill.

Time for an orange break!

2010 has been very busy for me especially with work! Lately I have been working 14 hour shifts. Yes, 14 hours! The good thing is that I work from home and I don't have to worry too much on how I look (because weeks of staying up has transformed me into a zombie!) and I am close to Nugget just in case I need a furry hug :) Aside from Nugget and watching videos about one thing that gives me an instant boost is coffee! I absolutely love how it tastes but unfortunately if I drink more than a cup I experience palpitations and my hands get jittery - which is NOT good when you draw for a living. Good thing I've switched Minute Maid! A glass is perfect for that much needed energy boost and it does not make me feel all jumpy! Plus the vitamin C is great for helping me stay healthy for those sleepless nights :) Yay for Minute Maid Pulpy Orange and Mango! It's definitely the perfect way to Refresh :)

So much work to do!!!Sometimes I just want to scream! But of course I am always thankful for having work to do :)When I am tired I take a refreshing orange break! An "orange break" is having a glass of Minute Maid and taking time out to hug my Nugget! I've always loved orange juice especially the ones with pulp in it :) When it's hot, frozen Minute Maid is a really good way to chill :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Be a Volunteer!

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society will be having a volunteer orientation on February 6, 2010 from 10:00 am- 1:00pm at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center, Quezon City. Interested but worried that you do not have enough time to help out? Don't worry because they only require 8 hours of volunteer work a month :) For more details visit their website.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's for lunch?

I recently purchased a bag of Felidae Platinum (p745) for Nugget at Bow&Wow in Shangri-la. Felidae Platinum is for senior and or overweight cats... and it's organic too! Nugget is not a senior cat yet but he is definitely overweight. I figured that it would be nice for him to try other diet food aside from Royal Canin's Obesity Management. Unfortunately, Nugget does not seem to enjoy his new food :( Or maybe it's working because he is not so interested in eating? Awww. I think we'll have to switch back to Royal Canin again.
"Wow, yummy food! Is this for me?" No, Nugget those goodies are going to your catpals in Merville (uncle's cats)"Oh." "I wonder when I can eat these again?""I guess it's diet food for me again, huh?"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Farewell, Timothy the cat :(

Almost a month ago, a friend of mine alerted me on a very disturbing animal cruelty case. News quote below:

"In a sociopathic act of animal cruelty, an orange tabby was glued to a Minnesota interstate highway and abandoned. Fortunately, a compassionate couple saw the forlorn cat at the side of the road, and thought he had been hit by a car. They stopped to investigate, and picked up the cat. Unfortunately, in so doing, the glue ripped off the cat’s paw pads and pulled out some of his claws." more about this here.

I really cannot imagine how somebody can think of doing this! If you don't like cats/animals why can't you just leave them alone? Why is there a need to harm them? :( Luckily, Timothy was rescued and was given proper medical attention that night. I really thought that he would recover and eventually get adopted into a loving home but I guess the trauma was too much for him to take. He eventually died a few days after :( Here is an update on the case. I really hope that they catch the person responsible for this.

photo taken from The Cat's Meow

Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Nugget

The past few days have been very busy and sometimes I feel that I cannot keep up with work! To make things worse, my computer has been unbelievably SLOOOW. I am seriously thinking of buying a new one or maybe just upgrade the memory? I still have to list the pros and cons before I make a decision. Anyway, here are a few photos of Nugget to make me feel better. Hehe. Sigh! Sometimes I wish I can be a cat so I can just sleep all day :)Nugget and my mom's feet
Nugget! Eat sleep eat sleep lifestyle? You should be ashamed of your self :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Nugget is getting bigger! He weighed in at 22 pounds during our trip to the vet a few weeks ago. In 2008 he was already 17 pounds and yes, that is pretty heavy for a local cat. I don't really notice how big he is since I see him everyday but after going through a couple of old photos... ZOMG! He's really gotten tubbier! Check this orange photo taken in 2004 and compare it with the 2009 sleeping pic. This 2010 we've decided that good health is our number 1 goal. I am actually joining Nugget on this resolution because like him, I've also gotten tubbier... No pics though. I don't want to scare people. Haha.Nugget in 2004 and 2009. Still cute and orange but maybe about 10 pounds heavier in 2009We vow to go to the vet regularly now (my friend Grace will be really pleased with this news). We are really serious about this that we got a bigger cage for Nugget for easier handling. We donated our old cat carrier so whenever we'd go to the vet I would just carry Nugget on my arms (like a baby). I love holding him but it's not really fun carrying a 22 pound cat for hours... and sometimes his claws dig into me when he is scared! haha.

It was so hard getting him inside the cage! But I guess he was really tired after being bathed, groomed and dewormed that he just sat down on our way home. He was still noisy though :D Click Play to hear Nugget meowing :)
Obesity Management food! We finally have it! I will have to be more prudent with my spending too because this food is not cheap!We are also more conscious of feeding times at home... Someone is not happy about this though!I love my Nugget! I know that 2010 will be an active and healthy year for us both. Happy new year folks!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 and a really old wish

I have been wishing for the same thing since the 90's - and that is for things to be great! I used to ask for things to be okay but then I realized that life shouldn't be just okay... It should be Great! People say that you're not supposed to reveal your wish because if you do it won't come true but I don't really believe in that. I think in order for a wish to come true you should acknowledge it. It shouldn't be a secret unless of course if it's something really kinky (kidding). Looking back at all that has happened to me in 2009, I realize that things have been great - not perfect but still great :) I wonder now if I should change my wish for this year... Anyway, happy 2010 friends! Hope this year will be really great for all of us!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Furry New Year

I spent about 15 minutes grooming Nugget with the brush glove this morning. I don't have problems with this activity because Nugget loves it! No struggling, meowing and scratching involved - just purring, rubbing, kneading and more purring :) Nugget is a heavy "shedder" so we try to minimize the amount of cat hair that he leaves behind by brushing him daily.
After about 5 minutes the glove looks like this! Look at all that orange fur!
When I was finished I had a huge clump of orange fur. I am thankful that I do not have asthma! Nugget then rewards me by rubbing his mouth (and saliva) all over my right foot. Haha!


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