Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheaters? :(

cat booty!
This afternoon, Nugget's entry to the Bow & Wow contest got a lot of votes from obviously fake facebook accounts. To make things worse, somebody pointed out that we have been cheating the whole time! I don't really know how to feel because I have been very excited about this contest. Very excited to the point that I have been promoting our entry non stop for the past 2 days through all my social networking sites (facebook, plurk, tumblr, yahoo messenger, friendster and even through text messages). A bit obsessive? Yes... but I will never make fake accounts to increase our votes. Nugget does not even have his own facebook account. In fact I even voted for the other cats because dogs have been winning for the past 3 weeks. I have nothing against dogs but I just thought it would be cool to have a cat win for a change. Sigh. This contest was supposed to be fun and now I feel really silly for even joining.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last 2 days! Please vote for Nugget!

It's crazy but after receiving a very encouraging text message from Bow & Wow, we decided to join again for the last round. I originally did not plan on joining because the theme was "pet's day out" which is not such a good idea for us since Nugget is 23 pounds! Bringing him to the vet is quite challenging! Most of the time I wish his carrier had wheels. Anyway, it turns out that you can just submit a photo of your pet with his fave Bow and Wow product! Yay!

So here we go! I know it's a bit late (2 days left in the contest), but please vote for Nugget again.

How to vote:
1.) click "Like" on Bow and Wow's Page
2.) head over to Nugget's photo here and click on VOTE :) Yay!

* ps- please check if your icon appears on the right to be sure that your vote got counted. If not please refresh and click again :)

Thanks a lot!

Happy Tuesday!

Last week was a total blur! So much work and so little sleep... plus my computer kept acting up! Thankfully, things have been better for the past few days.
happy cream puff
We started the week right by having a nice family lunch at home. Sunday is definitely the best day for pizza and dessert! My sister brought yummy pastries from a store named Happy Cream Puff. And yes, these goodies really make you feel happy!  These soft pastries made me think of ordering lots of soft foam to roll on at Foam Factory Inc. :D
i.bagnet in metrowalk
Monday evening was spent having dinner with Erman's family in Metrowalk
noodles in coconut
where we had coconut noodles!
rubber bots
Aside from the great conversation and yummy food, the night was even better because I came home with 5 odd but cute robots!
rubber bots
I think this guy is my favorite among the bunch :)
Yummy jelly+yogurt combo
Tuesday started really well because the yogurt i won in a contest arrived. I love yogurt and now I have more than enough to last me for weeks :)
Yogurt? I has it!
Had to empty the refrigerator to make room!
Nugget Sunday
And who could forget Nugget! Hugging him always makes me happy. I love this orange cat to bits :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you for voting :)

We would like to thank everyone who supported Nugget in the Bow and Wow contest. Though we did not make it to the top spot, we are quite pleased that at the fact that we were able to harass er, encourage 205 people to vote! Yay! Now back to important things such as...
looking cute
massaging the pillow
massaging pillows
pizza, anyone?
and of course, FOOD! Pizza party, anyone? :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Please vote for Nugget!

Hi friends! We need your help :)
Nugget's couch
Nugget needs more votes to win Bow & Wow's photo contest on Facebook. To vote all you need to do is follow these 2 simple steps:
1. click "Like" on Bow and Wow's Page
2. head over to Nugget's photo here and click on VOTE :) Yay!

* ps- please check if your icon appears on the right to be sure that your vote got counted. If not please refresh and click again :)

Thanks a lot!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hokki Rice Pizza

Hokki Rice Pizza
Did a double take when I saw this stall in Robinsons Galleria.  Rice pizza?  Sounds interesting!
Hokki Rice Pizza
The rice pizza comes in 5 flavors - Veggie, Meaty, Tuna, Chicken and Hawaiian.  Price ranges from P78 to P99.  They also have "magical budding" tea which is made up of dried tea leaves and flowers bundled together.  The dried leaves open up or "bloom" when steeped in water.  Cool, huh?
Hokki Rice Pizza
We watched the waitress prepare our pizza.  She started by flattening rice into a circle mold and then added tomato sauce and the rest of the toppings.  When it was complete, she put the pizza inside to oven for a few minutes. 
Hokki Rice Pizza
And it's here!  Rice pizza was yummy but tasted nothing like pizza :D  Actually, I think it's very similar to the baked rice meals at Greenwich.
Hokki Rice Pizza

Hokki Rice Pizza
3rd level Robinsons Galleria

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Team Pacquiao by Manny Pacquiao

Have you been to the Team Pacquiao store in Robinsons Galleria? I just discovered it last week and was very fascinated with the merchandise! To be honest, I am not really a fan (not too fond of watching boxing matches) but I really admire Manny's talent and business strategy.
Manny Pacquiao store
T-shirts, jogging pants and shorts on display. Aside from clothing, the store carries a variety of autographed items such as mugs and pens. They also have framed Manny inspired artworks for die hard fans!
Manny Pacquiao store
Cute caricature and novelty gloves (Mickey Mouse edition!)
Manny Pacquiao store
Limited edition Mickey and Manny figurines. Only 300 sold worldwide!
Manny Pacquiao store
So cute!
Manny Pacquiao store

Team Pacquiao by Manny Pacquiao
3rd level Robinsons Galleria
Beside Olympic Village

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding planning is serious business

Almost 8 months left to plan our wedding and so far we have nothing!  Well, that's not entirely true because we've already reserved the venue.  Next on the list would be the judge, photographer, food and yes the dress.  I just want a really small and intimate wedding so I'm sure the 8 months is more than enough time to plan.
Wedding planning
The account executive gave us a very detailed floor plan when we went to Hacienda Isabella's office to reserve.  She also discussed some things that I did not know we needed (generator, extra lights, sounds, etc.) which got me thinking that wedding planning IS serious business. Haha!
Wedding planning
Thankfully, Nugget approves! Me-ow!


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