Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last 2 days! Please vote for Nugget!

It's crazy but after receiving a very encouraging text message from Bow & Wow, we decided to join again for the last round. I originally did not plan on joining because the theme was "pet's day out" which is not such a good idea for us since Nugget is 23 pounds! Bringing him to the vet is quite challenging! Most of the time I wish his carrier had wheels. Anyway, it turns out that you can just submit a photo of your pet with his fave Bow and Wow product! Yay!

So here we go! I know it's a bit late (2 days left in the contest), but please vote for Nugget again.

How to vote:
1.) click "Like" on Bow and Wow's Page
2.) head over to Nugget's photo here and click on VOTE :) Yay!

* ps- please check if your icon appears on the right to be sure that your vote got counted. If not please refresh and click again :)

Thanks a lot!

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