Friday, September 19, 2008

Cute faced cat saves the day!

I've been having 14 hour work shifts for the past 2 weeks and I am so tired... so so so tired. In fact, i was already on the verge of going insane until I found this cute faced cat online. *sigh* Thank you cute faced cat for making me smile today. I love you! Now back to work for me. roar.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breakfast at Salcedo Market

Saturday mornings are great especially if you start the day with breakfast at Salcedo Market in Makati :) The market is located at the Velasquez car park along Leviste street and is open from 7 to 11ish in the morning (wow, 7-11! nyaks). Aside from the great food selection, there are also other items such as ornamental plants and ceramics for sale.

The first stall to catch my attention was the one with the grass juice because I have been looking for this type of plant for the longest time... not for drinking though but more on the decorative side :) hmm. I wonder how the juice tastes like.

Anyway, if you plan to go to the market a good tip is to go around first before buying anything on impulse. Actually, it's a bit difficult to decide since there are so many yummy food stalls to choose from!
will definitely try this on my next visit!lovely organic veggiesFresh seafood
if you look closely, the open crab on the left side is oozing with fat!piyaya roasted on the spotIlocos empanada at p60 eachyummy turnovers at P40-45 each. I had the spinach :)
Yummy Thai foodPad Thai at p140
fish fillet meal at p160 comes with yummy salad, tamarind sauce and ricecalzone, samosas, shepherd's pie and pizzafrench pastries
yummy macaroons at p60 eachUFO soya for all you aliens out there :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Banchetto at Emerald Ave.

I've only been the the Banchetto 3 times despite the fact that it has been around for several months already and that it is literally just a stone's throw away from where i live. Banchetto which means "feast" in Italian is an early (very early) Saturday morning food fair along Emerald Avenue. Stalls open at around 12 mn (roar!) and close at around 11 am. According to one vendor, the busiest hours are from 12mn to around 3am. Although every time i look out the window from home, the area always seems to be packed.

There is a good variety of food stalls to choose from and prices range from 60-100 per meal.Chicken Shawarma rice meal at p60 (this is actually good for 2)
assorted makiSausages start at P60 (plain) extra charge for add ons such as bread, chips or riceMonster burger at p70 (this is one of the busiest stalls)Vegetarian pizza at the Polland stall (yes, the hopia makers) at 3 for p100!yummy pastacheese overload pasta at p70 (guaranteed to make you gain about 5 pounds)HUGE siopaos at P75 eachRoast Chicken, Stir fry tofu and baked mini potatoes at p100
from our neighbor's food stall. btw, their gravy is really good. more meatdon't forget to leave room for dessert! There are a lot of
stalls selling yummy looking sweets :)  And if you are looking for non food items like black diamond bass strings at m123, Megamall is just a few minutes away :D

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank you :)

I'm happy to say that our medical mission last August 31,2008 in Lara School, Pampanga was a complete success! Thank you so much to all the generous hearts :) At first we were worried because we did not have enough money for transportation and food costs but somehow (and miraculously!) we were able to overcome this problem.we were able to solicit boxes of medicine... actually, we had more than enough that day that we were able to turn over the rest of the stuff to the baranggay health center and the school clinic.aside from vitamins and or medication, each kid was able to bring home a J&J gift pack :)brave kid :) we had enough food, drinks and snacks for everyone we even had Bizu ensaymada! (thanks to Bizu's donation) haha :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I haven't watched the movie yet but was able to get the cute tumblers already :) yey! hopefully, i'll be able to finish all pending work soon so i can finally watch the movie... if it's still showing by then. hmph.WALL-EEVEEve kinda looks like a white iMac...Wall-e on the tumbler :)


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