Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Banchetto at Emerald Ave.

I've only been the the Banchetto 3 times despite the fact that it has been around for several months already and that it is literally just a stone's throw away from where i live. Banchetto which means "feast" in Italian is an early (very early) Saturday morning food fair along Emerald Avenue. Stalls open at around 12 mn (roar!) and close at around 11 am. According to one vendor, the busiest hours are from 12mn to around 3am. Although every time i look out the window from home, the area always seems to be packed.

There is a good variety of food stalls to choose from and prices range from 60-100 per meal.Chicken Shawarma rice meal at p60 (this is actually good for 2)
assorted makiSausages start at P60 (plain) extra charge for add ons such as bread, chips or riceMonster burger at p70 (this is one of the busiest stalls)Vegetarian pizza at the Polland stall (yes, the hopia makers) at 3 for p100!yummy pastacheese overload pasta at p70 (guaranteed to make you gain about 5 pounds)HUGE siopaos at P75 eachRoast Chicken, Stir fry tofu and baked mini potatoes at p100
from our neighbor's food stall. btw, their gravy is really good. more meatdon't forget to leave room for dessert! There are a lot of
stalls selling yummy looking sweets :)  And if you are looking for non food items like black diamond bass strings at m123, Megamall is just a few minutes away :D


  1. i should go there sometime. those sausages and the cheeze overload looks yummy. kakagutom! :)

  2. Hi! Banchetto has been running for just a little over a year po and we're all hoping for more years to come. Thanks for the post! please do visit us again as we have upcoming activities/events towards the end of 2008. For more details, please checkout our website: www.banchetto.multiply.com :)



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