Tuesday, June 18, 2013

98B Escolta Saturday Market

It was unusually traffic last Saturday but I am really glad that we pushed through with our plan to visit the market organized by 98B at the First United Building in Escolta.
It was a very interesting event!  Aside from the cool handmade crafts, vintage items and artworks for sale there were also performances and art installations.
A lost Justin Beiber ticket
There were so many cute things to look at!  I want all these stickers and buttons.
Things that make me happy!

 Robots, vintage toys and stickers :)
 Birdie agimat pouches by artist Mark Salvatus.  I wish I got one to go with the agimat pouch that I have.  I was given one as a token when I supported the artisteconnect project last year :)
 Handmade bags, vinyl records, vintage posters
 A meow portrait
We bought something from this stall.  Can you guess which one? :D
Customized shirts
Lots of old magazines, photos and postcards
 a very informative vcd of how to protect yourself from HPV (for only p20 too :P)
Interesting juxtaposition
I really hope I can join the next market so I can sell my handmade robot and cat items :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My boys

I'm getting a lot of comments on how big Kumo has grown...
But our white boy still has a lot of growing to do to be as big as Nuggie :D
Sometimes i think that Nuggie is a normal sized cat.  He doesn't look so big in photos because he has a small face and thin legs :D  A friend once commented she has never seen a more pear shaped cat than Nug!  The famous online cats like Shironeko and Maru have big faces, paws and fluffy bodies :D
And this funny cat meme I saw on facebook!  He's so big and fluffy!  I guess like people, cats have different body types too.  The only difference is how cute they look when they are fat :D  Wish it was the same for us (lol). 
 Anyway, here are more photos of my boys just being lazy.
 My grumpy cats look annoyed with all the photos I am taking :D
Okay this is the last one!  Promise :D  Haha, just look at funny faced Kumo.  Happy Sunday folks!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Erman Day

June is one of my favorite months... next to March of course :D  The weather is a bit cooler, kids are back in school (which means less people in public places on weekdays) and most of all because June is Erman's birth month! :)
To start our birthday week celebration, we invited my family for merienda.  I ordered the famous pancit from Orchid's Drive In (671-2235).  When I was still employed this pancit was a staple in our office parties.   And it was always the crowd favorite!  It also comes with sauce which you pour on the noodles so no need to use soysauce or patis to flavor.
Yes, that's fried chicken on top!
I think I went a bit overboard with the size though.  After eating we realized that we only consumed about 1/4th :D  I was able to keep some for dinner, pack a generous serving for my mom and siblings and share the rest to the guards in the building. 
The next day, Erman and I went to Vikings where we both gained 5 pounds :D
They have the usual buffet offerings like assorted sushi and maki
cheese and cold cuts
a variety of fresh seafood for grilling
Baked oysters which everybody (except for meow) went to first despite the sign.  I'm not really a fan of oysters but apparently most of the diners that day were.  This plate was always empty and people would be waiting for it to get refilled.  It's the same with the Ebi tempura plate :D
Hotdogs, pizza and poor zucchinis!
Thankfully, coffee and drinks are included :)  I had a nice cup to go with the cakes that I had for dessert.
And because it was Erman's birthday he got to eat for free!  Isn't that awesome? :D  Vikings has a birthday promo wherein all celebrants get to eat for free as long as they dine on their actual birthday while accompanied by at least 1 paying adult.  That day I think I counted around 10 celebrants!  Haha!  Not sure when we will ever be in the same room with so many June 4 babies.  Maybe next year again?

Friday, June 14, 2013

He's wild!

I use the word 'wild' a lot to describe Kumo because he really is wild!  Sometimes it seems as if this white cat has gone crazy... unlike his big brother, Nuggie who is very predictable and so behaved!  But I am not complaining.  I guess I just find it funny how each cat is different and has his own personality purrsonality.

When we got Kumo we got a bit worried that he might be deaf.  He didn't respond to calls and other sounds we made to get his attention.  It is still the same now but I did discover some things that he responds to right away - greenies and grass!  He goes really crazy when I'd shake a pack of greenies or dangle a blade of grass close to him.  With Nugget it is the opposite!  Just meow and he's there :D
This afternoon I found Kumo on the balcony.  It had just finished raining and there he was licking the floor and sitting on the water puddles.  Not sure why this white cat loves resting his tail on the wet floor!  That is something that Nugget (and most cats) hate!  The funny (and a bit frustrating) part for me though is how he also likes to rub his wet tail on my leg! Waah!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Erman and I saw these umbrellas in Eastwood the other day.  So pretty and colorful!
It has been raining a bit lately.  No storm yet but does this mean that summer is officially over?
I hope not because I have one last beach trip planned for this month!  Hope the weather cooperates :D

Transform yourself with Schick

My mom is a big Superman fan.  She would tell us about the comics she read (which I wish she kept!) when she was younger.  I also remember watching the films with her.  She knew all the characters, actors and even random trivia about the production.  She was such a fan that she even had Superman Christopher Reeve in mind when she was infanticipating my younger brother!  Obviously there was no physical resemblance when he came out but I guess my mother's wishes came true because my brother turned out super in his own way :D

One of the things that captivated me about Superman is his ability to fly.  If I had this power for a week I would use it to do the thing that I dream about the most - traveling!  Imagine how easy it would be to see all the places you want to go to...  No need to get up early and wait for hours in the airport!  No need to get a visa, buy airplane tickets and queue in immigration!  Isn't that awesome? Here are some of my must see destinations:
I still have a lot of other places in mind but I will definitely run out of space if I try to post them all :D In the meantime let us all continue dreaming about having Superman's powers while we watch the newest Superman movie, Man Of Steel.  Luckily, Schick and Nuffnang have something awesome planned for us.  You can win movie tickets, class rings online and other cool prizes by checking out the info on the site below (just click on the image).
Schick. Free Your Skin.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Cats

Woke up really early to visit the house with the view.  Must be wonderful to wake up, walk to the balcony and see this!
 On our way home we made a lunch stopover and saw this ginger cutie
also saw a rainbow on the floor
 a tiny UFO and a calico mommy
 Btw, it's my first time to encounter a Calico having 3 all white kittens!
 Tiny Kumos!
My little sister's shirt matched :D  Happy Sunday folks!


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