Sunday, June 16, 2013

My boys

I'm getting a lot of comments on how big Kumo has grown...
But our white boy still has a lot of growing to do to be as big as Nuggie :D
Sometimes i think that Nuggie is a normal sized cat.  He doesn't look so big in photos because he has a small face and thin legs :D  A friend once commented she has never seen a more pear shaped cat than Nug!  The famous online cats like Shironeko and Maru have big faces, paws and fluffy bodies :D
And this funny cat meme I saw on facebook!  He's so big and fluffy!  I guess like people, cats have different body types too.  The only difference is how cute they look when they are fat :D  Wish it was the same for us (lol). 
 Anyway, here are more photos of my boys just being lazy.
 My grumpy cats look annoyed with all the photos I am taking :D
Okay this is the last one!  Promise :D  Haha, just look at funny faced Kumo.  Happy Sunday folks!

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