Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scratching post

Erman and I dropped by the PAL office in Cubao early today to pay the tax on our free tickets to Dumaguete (thank you, Mabuhay Miles!).  I haven't been to Dumaguete yet but no worries since we have almost 5 months to plan the trip.  I really miss traveling.  It's been a while since we've gone on a trip because we have been saving up to furnish and the renovate our new home.  Hopefully we can move in by mid January :D  Paws crossed! 
Cheap scratching post at PetExpress
After the PAL office we dropped by the most awesome pet store ever!  I've heard about Pet Express before but this was my first time to go there.  They have a lot of cool stuff and prices are reasonable too!  We got this scratching post for just p79!  Score :D
Curious Nuggie sniffing the post and after a few minutes...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

best gifts ever!
Hello folks!  We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration :)  Just a few more days till 2012!  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Local Loco Deli

My Local Loco Deli orders are here!  And just in time too since I will be giving most of these goodies for Christmas :)  I really like buying locally made products and it is great that Local Loco Deli offers a nice selection of goodies.  They offer different kinds of coffee beans, vinegar and bottled seafood and longganisa.
Bottles of local goodness
I ordered 3 kinds of Longganisa and since I do not eat pork I decided based on the product description.  The ones I selected are: Cebu (peppery • the oldest city in the country’s mastery of the art of flavorful longganisa-making) , Bulacan (spicy-garlicky • touted by most as the tastiest in the land) and Ilocos (garlicky • packed with wicked Ilocano garlic).  There is also Cabanatuan, but decided not to get that since it says that the meat is on the sweet side.  Nothing wrong with sweet but the longganisa fans here at home are not into sweet meats :D
All homegrown and homemade Ilocos and Bulacan goodness!  Serve it as is or as canape, pizza or pasta topping or sandwich filling.
Yummy Tinapa flakes for meow.  They also have cured baby oysters and dulong.  Will try those next time.
And for the vinegar I got Tuba (maisug {strong!} na tuba: coconut vinegar from the land of the fierce, Samar • naturally fermented and infused with lemongrass and garlic) and Mangga (from the mango farms of Zambales • naturally fermented and infused with lemongrass).  Yum!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something Affordable from Globe

This is my little sister, Jamila.  She's 14 and she talks A LOT!
If she's not busy talking on the phone, you'll find her online chatting on Facebook, tweeting or surfing tumblr.  Usually it is all of the above :D
Keeping in touch with friends is very important for her.  And nowadays technology has become synonymous with communication.  Unfortunately, my sister recently lost her phone so I think she is feeling a little out of the loop with her friends - especially when all the adults at home are busy using the computers!
It is great that Globe has several phone plans to choose from.  And I think the UnliSurf Combo Plan 599 with unlimited mobile surfing is perfect for talkative teens like Jamila!  It is great that she can surf the net and look at her friends' updates and cool things like bands, and new songs.  There is also BBM that will allow her to send instant messages to her friends using Blackberry phones :)  Anyway, I posted Globe's super affordable plans below just in case you are interested in availing of their promo. 
This Christmas is the perfect time to get a new BlackBerry–with an unlimited mobile surfing plan!

Subscribe now to My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo, from 599 to 2499, to get any of these amazing BlackBerry offers with free Globe services:

BlackBerry Curve 8520
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 599 with unlimited mobile surfing

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 999 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P400 consumable amount
•  1 freebie from A to C, E

BlackBerry Curve 9360
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,200 consumable amount
•  3 freebies from A to C, E

BlackBerry Bold 9780
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 2499 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,900 consumable amount
•  5 freebies from A to C, E
 Freebie choices:
A - 10 min calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM
B - 5 min calls and 25 SMS to other networks
C - 20 mins IDD calls and 10 ISMS to 10 destinations**
E - Unlimited calls and text to one Globe/TM number
** US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand

Promo period is from December 1 to 31, 2011. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 9409, Series of 2011
Available for new Globe Postpaid line applications only.

*- all details about the Globe promo taken from their website

Monday, December 19, 2011

How to wrap your Christmas Cat

Please watch our video for this week's Nestle Purina video challenge :)  Most views gets 12 bags of catfood!  Yum.
please click here to watch our 30 sec video :D  Thanks!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nugget's Birthday Giveaway winners!

The results are finally in!  Thank you to the 30 people who joined :)  Each entry was assigned a number- 1 for the first commenter and 30 for the last.  Winners were picked via
And the winners are:
1.) Gwen!  Gwen is the first winner and gets the first pick among the prizes.
Gwen's prize
2. Kitten! 
Kitten's prize
3. Kat!
Kat's prize
4.) Mench!

Mench's prize

5. and our Special prize winner is Kaoko!  She was the first one to guess where Nugget's name came from.  I'll send a secret package your way, Kao :D

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please watch Kumo's SuPurr star video for Purina :)

Things that make me happy

Tea!  I drink about 4-5 cups a day (yes, I am addicted).  So excited to try the Red Berries.
Cute face Kumo in a box.
Watching big Nuggie grooming himself :D  Wheee
Sleepy kitties!
Funny results on Google image search.  I randomly searched for Nug and Kumo's  photo and almost all results were food related!  Not a single cat in sight :D  Good thing I did this though because I discovered a very interesting recipe for Key Lime pie!  I have to try it one of these days.  Happy Thursday, folks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nuggie Ensaymada

 Nugget has a new favorite box.  He's been sleeping there for the past week and we all think it is so funny!  Why funny?
It's funny because this is how it looks like from the top :D  Just look at our baby ensaymada.  All curled up in a tiny box.
I fit!
Look at those feet!  Too cute!  Speaking of ensaymada...
Erman and I ordered our Christmas gifts yesterday.  Can you guess what is inside the cute pink box? 
Ensaymada of course!  Mallorca Pasteleria's version is one of the best for me.  I love that they use Queso de Bola and lots of anchor butter.  Yes, very calorific but so worth it :D

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday lunch at Dampa

Sunday lunch with the family is always fun.  This Sunday, our lunch was extra special because we were celebrating our sister's birthday :)
small, medium and HUGE shrimps!
I can't remember the last time I've been to a Dampa.  Although Dampa means "hut" (I googled it :D) it can also mean seafood market.  These types of markets are a little different than the usual because nearby there are restaurants that offer cooking services for your market bought items.  It's cool to have this option in the city!  No need to go to the province and worry about plane tickets, boat seating and other logistics :D 
Too bad we missed the whole market experience but I knew my sister bought a lot of stuff because the table looked like this when we arrived...
We had buttered chicken, 2 kinds of crab, grilled pork, adobo oysters, steamed shrimp, prawn tempura, clam soup, grilled squid, baked scallops and mango salad :D
Everything was really good but the best dishes for me that day were the baked scallops with cheese and garlic
and the prawn tempura!  We brought home the leftover food which we were able to stretch to two more meals :D  Amazing!  Can't wait for our next Dampa experience.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Let the eating begin

Just attended my first pre Christmas reunion (the first of many!) this afternoon. 
Not sure how my jeans will fit me by the end of the month but as of now they fit me a little tighter than usual.  In fact, I no longer need a belt to hold my pants up!  Uh-oh...  Suman days are here :D

Lucky 8

I just had a really lucky day.
my winning bingo card!
I played Bingo at my little sister's school and won 8 thousand pesos! We were hoping that we'd win the grand prize, which is 1 year free tuition but we're not complaining :D  We celebrated the win by ordering 2 pizzas when we got home.  Yum! 
It was a sign!

Later in the evening I received a call from the partner organization of Cecon... and guess what?!  Our group was chosen as the winner!  San Francisco de Asisi will finally get their electric fans.  I am so happy and thankful!  I knew it was a good sign when I saw this electric fan "tree" last Saturday.  Haha! :D

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hearts of Change Weekend Fair

Erman and I spent our Saturday (actually, 3 Saturdays ago!) at Human Heart Nature's weekend market at the Gawad Kalinga Farm in Bulacan.  It was a nice sunny day, but next time I will remember to bring a hat/cap/bandana/umbrella.  My face is so red from all the sun :D
We sampled and bought a lot of wonderful products produced by the GK community.  Golden Eggs are salted organic duck eggs colored with yellow ginger (instead of the normal red dye used for salted eggs).
 Flavored bagoong!  We got the Curry, Coconut Milk and Pesto(!) flavor.
Powdered ginger tea and refreshing Enchantea.  Enchantea is a native fusion drink made from Lemongrass, duhat, pandan, avocado and kalamansi.
Suman with bamboo.  According to my mom, this one is an acquired taste.  The texture is very different from the usual suman we are used to, but I liked it.
And there was cheese!  Yummy yummy cheese!  I got the Kesong Puti and their award winning Chevre cheese which is goat's milk with cashews and truffle salt.  Yum!  So happy to see how enterprising the GK community is.  Hope to see these products in our groceries soon.


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