Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hearts of Change Weekend Fair

Erman and I spent our Saturday (actually, 3 Saturdays ago!) at Human Heart Nature's weekend market at the Gawad Kalinga Farm in Bulacan.  It was a nice sunny day, but next time I will remember to bring a hat/cap/bandana/umbrella.  My face is so red from all the sun :D
We sampled and bought a lot of wonderful products produced by the GK community.  Golden Eggs are salted organic duck eggs colored with yellow ginger (instead of the normal red dye used for salted eggs).
 Flavored bagoong!  We got the Curry, Coconut Milk and Pesto(!) flavor.
Powdered ginger tea and refreshing Enchantea.  Enchantea is a native fusion drink made from Lemongrass, duhat, pandan, avocado and kalamansi.
Suman with bamboo.  According to my mom, this one is an acquired taste.  The texture is very different from the usual suman we are used to, but I liked it.
And there was cheese!  Yummy yummy cheese!  I got the Kesong Puti and their award winning Chevre cheese which is goat's milk with cashews and truffle salt.  Yum!  So happy to see how enterprising the GK community is.  Hope to see these products in our groceries soon.

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  1. yum! everything looks good, specially that cheese.



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