Thursday, December 22, 2011

Local Loco Deli

My Local Loco Deli orders are here!  And just in time too since I will be giving most of these goodies for Christmas :)  I really like buying locally made products and it is great that Local Loco Deli offers a nice selection of goodies.  They offer different kinds of coffee beans, vinegar and bottled seafood and longganisa.
Bottles of local goodness
I ordered 3 kinds of Longganisa and since I do not eat pork I decided based on the product description.  The ones I selected are: Cebu (peppery • the oldest city in the country’s mastery of the art of flavorful longganisa-making) , Bulacan (spicy-garlicky • touted by most as the tastiest in the land) and Ilocos (garlicky • packed with wicked Ilocano garlic).  There is also Cabanatuan, but decided not to get that since it says that the meat is on the sweet side.  Nothing wrong with sweet but the longganisa fans here at home are not into sweet meats :D
All homegrown and homemade Ilocos and Bulacan goodness!  Serve it as is or as canape, pizza or pasta topping or sandwich filling.
Yummy Tinapa flakes for meow.  They also have cured baby oysters and dulong.  Will try those next time.
And for the vinegar I got Tuba (maisug {strong!} na tuba: coconut vinegar from the land of the fierce, Samar • naturally fermented and infused with lemongrass and garlic) and Mangga (from the mango farms of Zambales • naturally fermented and infused with lemongrass).  Yum!


  1. This is the first time I've read about these products. Perfect holiday presents!

  2. Thank you for supporting local business! We bet the recipients will really love those gifts! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. wow! First time I've seen those.. I want! where can I buy them? Merry Christmas,Kate!



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