Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucky 8

I just had a really lucky day.
my winning bingo card!
I played Bingo at my little sister's school and won 8 thousand pesos! We were hoping that we'd win the grand prize, which is 1 year free tuition but we're not complaining :D  We celebrated the win by ordering 2 pizzas when we got home.  Yum! 
It was a sign!

Later in the evening I received a call from the partner organization of Cecon... and guess what?!  Our group was chosen as the winner!  San Francisco de Asisi will finally get their electric fans.  I am so happy and thankful!  I knew it was a good sign when I saw this electric fan "tree" last Saturday.  Haha! :D


  1. Kat, ang swerte mo talaga sa mga ganyan. I remember when you won tickets to Swing Out Sister concert! Congrats! :D



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