Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KaEskwela Fans Club

Remember San Francisco de Asisi elementary school?  We visited them in July 2010 to deliver school supplies from the National bookstore foundation.
San Francisco de Asisi
It can get really hot inside the classrooms during the afternoon.  Think oven or maybe a sauna.  Yes, I am serious...  It is that hot inside!  Now imagine spending a whole day in that room.  The school has very limited funds so seemingly simple things like installing electric fans for ventilation have gone unnoticed.  The teachers, who can barely support their own families because of their modest income, took it upon themselves to buy some fans with money from their own pockets. 
And now time for good news: YOU can help them get the fans that they need!  You guys know how I love joining contests so I entered our mini project in Cecon's Extend Yourself Project Idea :D  The winning entry gets P50,000!  The judges will determine the winner but the entry with the most number of "Likes" automatically gets P10,000 for their cause. 
Click on that Like button :D
Please help us get the most number of Likes!  The button is located after our write up.  Yay!  Paws crossed that they pick us :)

To read more about our organization please click here.


  1. already "liked" i hope you guys get the money. it's hard to study when it's hot inside a classroom.

  2. @Kayni! Thank you so much <3 I really hope we win :) But there are so many other worthy causes... sana nga lahat nalang i sponsor nila :P



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