Monday, November 28, 2011

Meow Monday

What is your favorite part of a cat?  Whiskers? Tail? Fluffy tummy?
My favorite part is the mouth area.  I know that cats are cute all over but for me this is the cutest part.  I love the how a cat's mouth looks like an inverted "Y".  Also love the upper lip and the whiskers :D  So cute!
Nugget's mouth is extra cute because he has a funny looking birthmark on his lower lip.  I think it makes him look like a wild animal :D  Haha!
Love these two cuddle buddies!  Happy Monday, folks!


  1. I love my cats' noses! Uma's nose looked like it was dipped in black ink, Sophie's nose looks like it was sprayed with black ink, and Phoebe has a nice normal pink nose that I clean everyday. :)

    Regarding your question about Uma, she's a virgin, hihi. :) But Sophie has been breastfeeding from her since June. We don't know if she actually lactates, if there's anything coming out, but Sophie breastfeeds from her all the time.

  2. You two got cuddle comfy down fur sure!

  3. Happy Monday! Thank you for becoming my exchange gift partner. We can start with this:

    By the way, I love counting a cat's whiskers :).

  4. my favorite part is the nose and the teeth!

    happy monday



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