Monday, November 14, 2011

Early Monday

Our day started really early today.  At around 6:30 am, Erman and I were on our way to DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) for our scheduled passport renewal.  Thankfully, the whole process was a breeze!  We were finished in exactly 1 hour.  I hope the other government agencies will follow suit in terms of efficiency.  I remember spending almost 6 hours in queue while getting an NBI clearance :D  Crazy!  
Nice to come to home two cute cats.  As usual, these two were sleeping again... and beside my teapot too! Hehe.
 Kumo kept moving and twisting!  Nug on the other hand can sleep for hours without changing position :D
 Such a funny kitty!


  1. i think i sleep like kumo, i toss and turn a lot before i find the right sleeping

  2. Oh, what a great sight to come home to! Buti they like sleeping next to each other. Qish & Rue don't :(

  3. NBI Clearance with a breeze, try the kiosk at Robinson's Otis. Two hours lang, tapos na. :) Btw, would you happen to know anyone who is putting up cats for adoption? Yung mga kulay gaya ni Kumo and Nug sana. :D

  4. Glad the passport renewal went so smoothly! :)

    Kumo and Nugget are so darned cute.



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