Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things that make me happy

Hello folks!  Just another set of random things that make me happy...
Seeing Nuggie rub his cheek against things (In this case, he is being friendly with the gate)
Funny faced Kumo looks so confused!
Getting the cutest happymeal toy from Mc Donalds!  It's a baby Puss In Boots!
There is a button at the back that allows you to control the eyes :D
 receiving a funny looking cookie from my husband
making a sandwich for lunch (and dinner)
And finally, seeing STOMP perform live!  I really wish that we get to see them perform again (hopefully in an outdoor setting and with better seats).


  1. Those made me smile! Have a happy weekend!

  2. the cookie made me smile! :D
    Oh and the McDo toy is selling fast! Twice I tried and I am out of luck talga.



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