Friday, November 25, 2011

Nugget 's birthday giveaway

Hello folks!  We're having a mini giveaway to celebrate Nugget's 10th birthday :)  Actually, Nugget is already 10 (I picked him up around Feb-Mar 2001) but we have appointed November 25 to be his official birthday.  Why November?  Because Nugget is our baby turkey :D Anyway, going back to the giveaway - you have a chance to win 1 of the 4 sets of goodies I prepared.

Set 1
A lot of Scrapbooking stuff : stickers, embellishments, papers
set 2
Crayola twistable crayons,  Mao Zedong notebook from China, cat key wallet, calico cat post its and 1 pack Starbucks Italian Roast coffee
set 3
Human Heart Nature moisturizing day fluid,  Human Heart Nature moisturizing night fluid,  Green tea and grapeseed mask,  White tea and Ginkgo mask,  Mountain dew flavored lip balm and  Human Heart Nature Body Butter
set 4
4 pcs. Philippine themed notebooks, The Cat Painter storybook and Philippines purse (I got from the Oishi booth in Shanghai)


1. follow my blog via Google friend connect OR share the about the contest via twitter

2. leave a comment and say what set you want to win (please include a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.  Please indicate if you've followed via Google or tweeted:)

3. Sets 1-3 are only for Philippine residents. Prizes can be claimed in Ortigas/Megamall area or sent via courier.

4. Set 4 is open to everyone.  Prize will be sent to the winner via snail mail if outside the Philippines.

5. Contest ends on December 15, 2011.  Winner will be chosen randomly

Special prize (to be revealed soon) to the first person who can guess why I chose the name "Nugget" for my orange furball.


  1. I already follow you through Google connect, and I'm so loving prize no. 4.

    My guess why you named Nugget, Nugget is because he has a color of a gold nugget :). Just my guess.

  2. I want set no 2!!! Happies <3 Nugget is 10 years old! Lovely cat! I guess nugget because he was tiny when you got him and the color of gold. <3 lots of hugs and luv for nugget and kumo :)

  3. He looked like a chicken nugget when he was tiny? Course we all know he looks like a ham now. A big big big ham.

    Don't worry Nuggie, ILU! (ILU too, Kumo-sweetie!)

    (Shared on Twitter!)

    Tough choice about the prizes. But the cats are telling me to go with the second set.

  4. ehccckkkkk! i want 2,3,4. Onghirooppp naman pumili...

    4 the most, or 3 please please pleaseplease

    guess on the name: kakulay ni nug ang chicken nuggets?

  5. I followed you via GFC and will blog about your contest :D My email is kareninsilver gmail

    I want to win Set 2!!!!

    I think you chose the name Nugget because you love Chicken nugget and Nugget is shaped like a nugget LOL

  6. Following you in Google Friend Connect and tweeted your contest.

    I want to win prizes 2, 3, and 4. :D

    You gave the name Nugget because of his fur color (like an almost deep-friend chickon nugget? hrhr~) and he could have been a tiny furball baaaaack then.

    Oh, my email address is yaoifest at

  7. Set 1 is so cute! But I don't do scrapbooks. :(
    I'll go withs set 4. NOTEBOOKS! <3

    I always thought you named him Nugget because you like chicken nuggets. Lol.

    I think I already follow you via GFC, and I also tweeted it. ^_^

  8. I tweeted you in twitter. Interesting blog :D will follow it from now on

    I wanna Win the 2nd prize. :D I love crayons :D

    You're cat is "nugget" because he grabbed a chicken nugget from you when he was a kitten.

  9. 1. Following you already via Google Connect :)

    2. I want Prize 2 or 4! :D

    3. email: meow at pawsomecats dot com

    4. Your name is Nugget because you love chicken! And chicken nuggets :)

  10. A follower of your blog: Kitten

    and tweeted your giveaway here:!/Kitten_03/status/140971350062923776

    If to win, I would like set 2 :)



    My guess why you chose the name? because he looks like gold/orange

  11. I followed you through Google connect & i choose to win set no.! :D My email is

  12. Set 2 or 4 please! <3

    Followed via GFC.

    Here's my email: saniracsamr(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Nugget because he's tiny and super cute? :)

  13. I followed you via gfc
    I want to win the set no 3
    my email add is
    You named it nugget because of its color yellow orange same as the gold nugget.

  14. I joined! :)

    Followed you through GFC, and I'd love, love, love to have set number 3!


    oh, let me guess! Because Nugget is a tiny golden brown cutie when you found him? Or is it because he loves chicken?

  15. ...will go with Number 3...

    after tweeting. :)

    ... because Nugget was busily contenting himself with a nugget when you chanced upon each other. :)

    Thank you so much.

  16. Hi Dear!I'm Joining!..

    gfc follower as arra

    I'm a beauty junkee that's why I;m choosing the prize #3!

    I guess you named him nuggets because your boyfriend loves to call you nuggets and you name that because you want to remember your Bf everytime you see nuggets...hihi..


  17. Happy Birthday, Nugget! Just followed your blog through Google connect although I've linked to your blog on my blog a long time ago. I'm also Nugget's Twitter follower!

    Everyone else said "chicken nuggets," so I'm guessing "GOLD NUGGET" is your inspiration since he has golden orange fur????

    Are the prizes in #4 from Papemelroti? ;)

  18. Goshdarnit, kayni beat me to the Gold Nugget Theory. Anyway, my email is conniechiwa at gmail dot com. ;)

  19. i named some of my cats after sushi varieties and ingredients (maki, salmon, ebi, tuna) 'coz i'm quite fond of sushi but since almost everyone's guessing that nugget's named after chicken nuggets, I'm gonna guess that you named him nugget since you think he's your "precious."

    i love cats and paper and indulge in kikay stuff. tough decision. will go with set 1.

    just followed you on gfc as salmoncat. hope you don't mind

  20. Hi I followed you in GFC and tweet the giveaway, I like set no 3! :)

    I guess you named him nugget because of his color..

  21. I'm now following your blog through Google connect (should have done a long time, but I'm subscribed to your posts via the reader) and tweeted about the giveaway as well. The prizes are all so cute! My nugget theory is he likes eating nuggets a lot especially when he was younger.

  22. Hi! Joining your giveaway.

    1. Followed you on GFC: Elaine
    2. I really want set no. 2. My kid would love the twistable crayons and I'd love to post its and the roast coffee.
    3. Email address:
    4. I'm guessing you named him Nugget because it was the first food you fed him? Just a wild guess. Haha. :)

  23. I love #3 human nature products!


    You named your cat Nugget because it reminds you of chicken nugget. Since chicken is his favorite food, its a great combination for you to name him Nugget.

    email address is

  24. I want to win set 4 because it showcases our culture and it has cats!. btw. im a cat lover too. my first cat name is panky then my second cat's name is lupin langit and my third cat name is lupin lupa haha( just wanna share)<3

    email add:

    Shared via twitter:!/neririri/status/143698844406910977

  25. Hope I win!

    GFC Name: Malou

    I want Set 3.

    I guess his name is Nugget because his color is orange.

  26. Ohmygad, i like your prizes! I would totally go for Prize 2 or Prize 3! :)

    I follow via GFC as Kat
    katch05 at gmail dot com

    This is just a wild guess...but maybe you named Nugget as such because he was boxy? LOL

  27. I'm following you on GFC. I like set #2. Your Nugget is named as such perhaps because of its golden color which is what a nugget looks like.

  28. Followed you through Google connect under my name.

    I want set 3!

    You name him nugget because his favorite food is chicken and his color is the same with nuggets!

  29. Set 4, please! Nugget because his color is a very close match to a perfectly cooked golden brown chicken nugget. Followed you via GFC (Red's Mom). Thanks! :)

  30. If I win, I want to get prize no. 3. :) I shared about Nugget's birthday on Twitter. :) Here's my email add: no_need_f[ERASE]or_promises@y.c. And I think you named him nugget because his orange color is like the golden-brown color of a chicken nugget? :)

    Happy Birthday, Nuggie~

  31. I choose to have set cuatro, por favor!

    I followed you via Google Connect as Fristine Gizelle :)

    Nugget = the golden cat when he was so young resembled McDonald's chicken nuggets which so happened to be one of your favorite sinful convenience foods ♥♥♥



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