Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping?  I usually buy my gifts in December (Yes, I cram!) but I started earlier than usual this year because my mother-in-law had a scheduled trip to the US last month.  I wanted to make sure that all gifts for our relatives were with her before she left.  

Philippines in a box!  Gift to my plurk friend in Idaho
I find it a bit challenging to buy gifts for folks living abroad.  For one thing there is a limit on the size and the weight.  Then I worry about the customs.  I remember sending my client a package containing polvoron, dried mangoes and other yummy Filipino snacks but sadly they were all confiscated by the Australian customs.  Boo.  Last year I sent a package via Fed ex to a plurk friend in Idaho.  My stuff had to be quarantined for a day since I sent a few shells and a wind chimes made of Capiz :D  I have no problem with that...  I mean, I understand the need to thoroughly screen in coming items.  I wanted to send more stuff like a nice burlap aisle runner but had to limit the weight since shipping is quite expensive. 
Anyway, going back to this year's gifts...  I got my sister-in-law a very nice Filipino cookbook.  I heard that they have been cooking more often these days so I figured that this cookbook will somehow make them feel a bit closer to home.  The ingredients and processes are thoroughly explained making it easy to find substitutes just in case the ingredient is not available there.
The photos are beautiful too!  All taken by master photographer, Neil Oshima!  I'm definitely getting a copy of this book for myself :)
We got the kids really cool storybooks.  I like that there are both English and Tagalog translations.
And the illustrations are wonderful!  Just look at that Manananggal in the MRT. Haha!  I really hope they like our gifts :)


  1. Those are wonderful and well-thought of gifts! Pinoy the Pinoy! I think anybody would be ridiculously happy to receive them. :)

    Super early your Xmas shopping ha. Apir!

  2. Uy I gave out PAWS button pins last year, too! They're super cute and you get to help the animals in PARC :)

  3. Those are wonderful gifts! We haven't even started thinking about Christmas gifts yet ... thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. Hi Kate! Wow, you bought some really nice gifts. :) This is Sunshine, by the way. I got your postcard. Will reply soon (as soon as my arm gets better). Take care!

  5. oh wow...i wish i was your relative lol. may i ask how much is the kulinarya cookbook? i've been searching for that here.

  6. @kayni - sure, i don't mind :) The book is around p750? basta not more than p800 for the soft bound. There is a hard bound version too. I think that one is around 2k.



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