Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vacation, please!

It's almost November and as usual I am wondering where the year went!  I was hoping that we could sneak in a mini vacation before the year ends but sadly our plans got foiled when Erman and I got sick on our supposed vacation weekend :(  I don't really have big travel plans at the moment (but I'd really love to visit Nepal and Jogjakarta- maybe in 2014?).  I just want to go to the places where we've already been to and just relax :D  Here are some of the spots that I hope we can visit before the year ends:
Coffee, pies, cool weather and the view!
Las Casas Azucar
 Old houses, laid back vibe, looking at lovely things like beautiful swarovski crystal chandeliers and wooden windows
 Breakfast at cafe by the ruins, organic market, cool weather, ukay ukay! :D
 Okay, this one is a bit far compared to the other spots but I'd like to go back and just listen to the waves by the shore.  There was a storm the last time we were here and it was a bit crazy when we went near the shore.


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