Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love red shoes!

The red shoes that I ordered online from HebeManila arrived the other day :)
I don't usually buy shoes online since I like trying them on first and seeing if they fit well, but there was something about this pair that said "buy me now".  Hehe.  I also took a gamble at the size.  I 'm usually a size 8-8.5 but since the only available sizes were 5 and 9, I got the 9.  It turned out to be a good decision in the end because the shoe fits me perfectly! 
There is just some toe cleavage (my feet are conservative :P) but Nuggie doesn't seem to mind.  I'm happy to have 1 more pair to add to my red shoe collection...
Red Nike Free
Flat red shoes I got in Singapore.  These are paper thin though and are painful to wear for a long time :(
And my wedding shoes, which I think will be my favorite shoes forever.  Okay, these are not pure red, but I think they make the cut :D


  1. I loved your wedding shoes then, I still love them now.

  2. so nice!!! I intend to buy my first ever red shoe! Thanks for the link on the online store..checking them out :D

    Oh and your header looks nice!

  3. I'm still not over your wedding shoes, they're absolutely gorgeous!

    I want a pair of red shoes tuloy...

  4. Oh, red shoes! I love red shoes too, but never seem to find any that fits me... *cry*

  5. cool shoes. i like the style.

    buster gnaws/bites on our shoes; i tell you i suspect he's a dog in cat's fur.

  6. I love red shoes, too! Love the drama of the straps :)



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