Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My Threadless shirts arrived the other day!
I've been waiting for almost a month so I was really excited to see and touch the actual shirts :D
Hello, Tiger!
 The material is nice and soft.  I think I just started a Threadless addiction because I am thinking of ordering again :D
I got a total of 11 shirts, but only 1 of them is mine since most will be Christmas gifts :)  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  I only have a few people left on my list... Just a few more trinkets and maybe a box of vitamin b17 (for my grandmother) and I am done! 
Bah Humbug!
Don't worry Nuggie!  I have a gift for you too!


  1. natatawa ako sa pose ni Nugget. parang may problema kasi walang gift sa under the

  2. NUGGet says: "yer gift better not be a shirt hoomin!"

    hehehe~ cutie!

  3. Yeah, he was NOT impressed with the shirts :D

  4. You know I think orange tigers are organically bigger don't you think?

  5. Oh, you have a Christmas tree! How are the kitties taking it? I can't put one up anymore, Qish "harvested" all the balls 3 years ago while I was away and he totally ruined it! I've never tried to have a tree again since Rue came.

  6. @jonna okay pa naman :D This is the first time we've put it up again. The last time was before I moved to Singapore (almost 3 years ago). Nugget is too sedate now but I remember the last time nag wild sha sa tree! Kumo is surprisingly uninterested! funny cats.

  7. I'm pleased that Winello and our new kitten are very supportive of our Christmas tree. Nugget's pose is hilarious and cute!



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