Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nugget's Birthday Giveaway winners!

The results are finally in!  Thank you to the 30 people who joined :)  Each entry was assigned a number- 1 for the first commenter and 30 for the last.  Winners were picked via
And the winners are:
1.) Gwen!  Gwen is the first winner and gets the first pick among the prizes.
Gwen's prize
2. Kitten! 
Kitten's prize
3. Kat!
Kat's prize
4.) Mench!

Mench's prize

5. and our Special prize winner is Kaoko!  She was the first one to guess where Nugget's name came from.  I'll send a secret package your way, Kao :D


  1. congratulations to all winners! yaaay you gais! pretty loot. :D

  2. you made people happy nugget and kumo. happy holidays kitteh!

    emma and buster

  3. Oh yay! I won!!! :)))

    Congrats to the other winners! :) Thank you Kate!



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