Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things that make me happy

Tea!  I drink about 4-5 cups a day (yes, I am addicted).  So excited to try the Red Berries.
Cute face Kumo in a box.
Watching big Nuggie grooming himself :D  Wheee
Sleepy kitties!
Funny results on Google image search.  I randomly searched for Nug and Kumo's  photo and almost all results were food related!  Not a single cat in sight :D  Good thing I did this though because I discovered a very interesting recipe for Key Lime pie!  I have to try it one of these days.  Happy Thursday, folks!


  1. are you into tea drinks like happy leamon, gong cha and the others?

    looking forward for your keylime pie

  2. I love tea, too! English Breakfast, Thai tea, teh tarik. I always have tea in the morning :)

    Google came up with interesting photos! Oh, and Nugget looks like he's having a hard time grooming himself :p

  3. nugget looks small. or did kumo get big? hehehe. :D



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