Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nuggie Ensaymada

 Nugget has a new favorite box.  He's been sleeping there for the past week and we all think it is so funny!  Why funny?
It's funny because this is how it looks like from the top :D  Just look at our baby ensaymada.  All curled up in a tiny box.
I fit!
Look at those feet!  Too cute!  Speaking of ensaymada...
Erman and I ordered our Christmas gifts yesterday.  Can you guess what is inside the cute pink box? 
Ensaymada of course!  Mallorca Pasteleria's version is one of the best for me.  I love that they use Queso de Bola and lots of anchor butter.  Yes, very calorific but so worth it :D


  1. cats and boxes, enough said.

    that is one awesome packaging for a ensaymada :)

  2. oh i love ensaymada. the ones you got look really good.

  3. Yup, that box is just the right size for Nuggie! :D

  4. Nugget's so big! And fluffy! :)



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