Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday lunch at Dampa

Sunday lunch with the family is always fun.  This Sunday, our lunch was extra special because we were celebrating our sister's birthday :)
small, medium and HUGE shrimps!
I can't remember the last time I've been to a Dampa.  Although Dampa means "hut" (I googled it :D) it can also mean seafood market.  These types of markets are a little different than the usual because nearby there are restaurants that offer cooking services for your market bought items.  It's cool to have this option in the city!  No need to go to the province and worry about plane tickets, boat seating and other logistics :D 
Too bad we missed the whole market experience but I knew my sister bought a lot of stuff because the table looked like this when we arrived...
We had buttered chicken, 2 kinds of crab, grilled pork, adobo oysters, steamed shrimp, prawn tempura, clam soup, grilled squid, baked scallops and mango salad :D
Everything was really good but the best dishes for me that day were the baked scallops with cheese and garlic
and the prawn tempura!  We brought home the leftover food which we were able to stretch to two more meals :D  Amazing!  Can't wait for our next Dampa experience.


  1. everything looks good, you take good photos kate, mind if i ask what camera you use?

  2. btw, happy birthday to your sister :)

  3. thanks Kitten :) I use a Canon g11



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