Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sleepy Wednesday

This is the cutest!
Do you see it?
Baby Kumo is sleeping with his tongue sticking out :D  I don't think I've ever seen Nuggie do this.  Speaking of Nug, I noticed that he gets a bit jealous when I pay attention to Kumo.
Look at that face!
I was taking photos of Kumo (that white blur is him) and then I saw a sad looking Nug in the background.  Aww.  I love you too, Nuggie!  Btw, don't forget to join Nugget's birthday giveaway :)


  1. True in our plurk conversation, each cat has their own characters.

    Haven't seen my cats stick their tongue out while sleeping, but that is so cute.

  2. That really is way to cute!!!

  3. Oh, Nug, don't worry you are definitely well-loved!

  4. Too cute! Phoebe does that, too, and I was so amused the first time I saw it. The two older cats never did that. :)

    We have two new tiny kittens, by the way. Yet another calico, and an orange one that looks like Nugget. We're back to bottle-feeding again, hihi.

  5. aawww... just adorable!

    Thanks for the greeting!

  6. We see Kumo's tongue! So cute!

    Poor Nuggie! It's okay, your mommy loves you very much, sweet one.



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