Friday, June 14, 2013

He's wild!

I use the word 'wild' a lot to describe Kumo because he really is wild!  Sometimes it seems as if this white cat has gone crazy... unlike his big brother, Nuggie who is very predictable and so behaved!  But I am not complaining.  I guess I just find it funny how each cat is different and has his own personality purrsonality.

When we got Kumo we got a bit worried that he might be deaf.  He didn't respond to calls and other sounds we made to get his attention.  It is still the same now but I did discover some things that he responds to right away - greenies and grass!  He goes really crazy when I'd shake a pack of greenies or dangle a blade of grass close to him.  With Nugget it is the opposite!  Just meow and he's there :D
This afternoon I found Kumo on the balcony.  It had just finished raining and there he was licking the floor and sitting on the water puddles.  Not sure why this white cat loves resting his tail on the wet floor!  That is something that Nugget (and most cats) hate!  The funny (and a bit frustrating) part for me though is how he also likes to rub his wet tail on my leg! Waah!

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