Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Erman Day

June is one of my favorite months... next to March of course :D  The weather is a bit cooler, kids are back in school (which means less people in public places on weekdays) and most of all because June is Erman's birth month! :)
To start our birthday week celebration, we invited my family for merienda.  I ordered the famous pancit from Orchid's Drive In (671-2235).  When I was still employed this pancit was a staple in our office parties.   And it was always the crowd favorite!  It also comes with sauce which you pour on the noodles so no need to use soysauce or patis to flavor.
Yes, that's fried chicken on top!
I think I went a bit overboard with the size though.  After eating we realized that we only consumed about 1/4th :D  I was able to keep some for dinner, pack a generous serving for my mom and siblings and share the rest to the guards in the building. 
The next day, Erman and I went to Vikings where we both gained 5 pounds :D
They have the usual buffet offerings like assorted sushi and maki
cheese and cold cuts
a variety of fresh seafood for grilling
Baked oysters which everybody (except for meow) went to first despite the sign.  I'm not really a fan of oysters but apparently most of the diners that day were.  This plate was always empty and people would be waiting for it to get refilled.  It's the same with the Ebi tempura plate :D
Hotdogs, pizza and poor zucchinis!
Thankfully, coffee and drinks are included :)  I had a nice cup to go with the cakes that I had for dessert.
And because it was Erman's birthday he got to eat for free!  Isn't that awesome? :D  Vikings has a birthday promo wherein all celebrants get to eat for free as long as they dine on their actual birthday while accompanied by at least 1 paying adult.  That day I think I counted around 10 celebrants!  Haha!  Not sure when we will ever be in the same room with so many June 4 babies.  Maybe next year again?

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