Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Last week was a total blur! So much work and so little sleep... plus my computer kept acting up! Thankfully, things have been better for the past few days.
happy cream puff
We started the week right by having a nice family lunch at home. Sunday is definitely the best day for pizza and dessert! My sister brought yummy pastries from a store named Happy Cream Puff. And yes, these goodies really make you feel happy!  These soft pastries made me think of ordering lots of soft foam to roll on at Foam Factory Inc. :D
i.bagnet in metrowalk
Monday evening was spent having dinner with Erman's family in Metrowalk
noodles in coconut
where we had coconut noodles!
rubber bots
Aside from the great conversation and yummy food, the night was even better because I came home with 5 odd but cute robots!
rubber bots
I think this guy is my favorite among the bunch :)
Yummy jelly+yogurt combo
Tuesday started really well because the yogurt i won in a contest arrived. I love yogurt and now I have more than enough to last me for weeks :)
Yogurt? I has it!
Had to empty the refrigerator to make room!
Nugget Sunday
And who could forget Nugget! Hugging him always makes me happy. I love this orange cat to bits :)


  1. Those things would make me happy too... Are those eclairs??? Oh my..I am totally craving!

  2. wow, ang daming yogurt. pahingi :).


    wow, ur so lucky ! you won all those yogurts!!! haha!

  4. @peach - yes! eclairs :) Super yummy!

    @kayni - if only i can send it via e-mail :)

    @traveliztera - whoops! diet is non existent na :D haha! Help!

  5. I've never tried coconut noodles. Intriguing. By the way, thanks for the virtual hugs (in reference to my recent post). Say hi to Nugget!

  6. wow where is this Happy Cream Puff? Troy loves those! :)

    Always a nice experience visiting your blog

  7. Renz - Happy Cream puff is in Makati

    Unit G-16 Rada Regency, Rada corner Dela Rosa Street.,
    Legaspi Village, Makati City



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