Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chopped ice cream, rainbow bread and wafers.

Street ice cream in Singapore is served differently. Instead of the usual scooper, the ice cream man has a chopping board and a knife! The ice cream is in blocks and is chopped right before your eyes! yum. Ice cream is priced at $1-1.50 SGD.There are a lot of flavors to choose from ranging from chocolate chip to durian! I think the best seller is mango though. we went to 2 different vendors and they were both out of mango flavor!Aside from the normal sugar cone, you can have your ice cream sandwiched between 2 wafersor get a real ice cream sandwich! btw, the rainbow bread in Singapore is lighter in color compared to our rainbow bread!happy cones!


  1. masarap ang ripple! has a raspberry kick. don't eat vanilla and other light flavors. kasi isang freezer lng sila ng durian flavor. nahahaluan siya ng durian taste. elk! di ko pa naman gusto un.

    mahal na nga un for ice cream diba? 1sgd? hehehe pati sundae cone dito nasa 1sgd din. eh dyan 15pesos lng ata sa mcdo naka chocolate dip na yan ha! hehehe

  2. this is the
    best bargain
    on orchard road!!!

    hi plurkat! ",)



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