Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orange Day

We had a beautiful orange afternoon the other day.  Not sure what happened but when I stepped out everything was lovely and orange-y.
This is how the sky looked from my balcony.  So pretty but kinda felt apocalyptic...  Hello, 2012! Anyway, here are some other orange day images from my wonderful plurk pals.  Thanks to Lemuel, Renz, Gilbz and Miao :D

 Aren't these photos pretty?  But as usual there will always be a realist in the group.
Haha!  Happy Weekend, folks!


  1. Well I thing the orange is stunning! So there party pooper!

  2. Hindi ko yan napansin kasi nagkukulong ako sa kwarto. LOL. By the time na nakita ko yung mga post sa plurk, padilim na at wala na yung orange. :(

  3. So beautiful! That party pooper is right, but SHEESH! LOL

  4. lol, oh well. Regardless it still looks fascinating. Nice shots :)

  5. I've been noticing that a lot lately! Beautiful skies :)

  6. wait, e here in bulacan we had that orange sky too. i thought it has something to do with the red moon we had last week.



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